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Orc Berserker


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This is a bones orc berserker that I completed a month or so ago that I forgot about. I wanted to share it with you all since it's the first bones miniature I completed and based (out of the whole vampire box  :zombie:





I have been searching for the ideal orc skin. Not too brown, not too green - this was one of the experiments. I liked tthe skin so much I decided to complete the miniature. 


I've been practicing the orc skin tones for when I get my Red Box orcs, I think I got some good crusty metal things going on here too, which is also suitably orc-y. The base is pretty simple because this miniature was mostly an experiment, I decided he was an orc from some arid region for the ease of my base making. 


Thanks for looking! 

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Oh boy it's been a while and I don't keep very good notes. I'm pretty sure that I used an unspecified ratio of green ochre and the what I now believe is discontinued field green for the base. Then I gave it a bunch of washes with a dark brown and a sepia brown. Brought things back up with my skin tone base layer, then highlighted with a mixture of my base layer plus a little bit of bone shadow. 

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Very nice, keep up the good work. I would love to see more by you!


Thanks! My work can get pretty bananas sometimes and often require me to work weekends, so when that happens I don't get to paint as much as I'd like. I thought I was going to have some downtime this week, but it looks like I might not. Hopefully I can finish this vignette I'm working on since it's close to completion. 


GREAT WORK! The skin tones are OUTSTANDING; & he has a TERRIFIC smile.


Thanks! Everything besides the skin tone/armor was pretty rushed because I just wanted to be finished to move on to something else, but I'm really pleased with the skin tones and hope to work variations of it on to my coming red box orcs. 

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