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Factory Folks Missing out?


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So, A random thought popped into my head this morning.  With Reapercon not being at the Factory this year, with mostly just tours and folks headed over to collect more minis, I figured the regular Factory workers are going to miss out on all the "fun goings on". 


Should we? Could we? Dare we? make a quick collection for a Friday pizza lunch for them?

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I'd be happy to chip in.


On a side note, today had a rocky start for me.  Popping on the forums and reading this thread reminded me how being a part of a great community really makes things seem "not so bad".  Thanks for cheering me up guys/gals - I can't wait to see many of you at ReaperCon and share a beer or two.


BTW, by sharing I mean we each have our own separate pints - I hear some of you backwash....

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OK, it's a go, although I will need to confirm this with the Powers That Be (namely Bryan or his designee!)


Thursday, I will be around the Warlord tables most of the day, as I start tournament play at the 1 pm time slot (also, I didn't get into any classes on Thursday  :down: )


If you want to contribute and are not at Reapercon, PM me and I'll send you my paypal account.  Target goal is roughly $100, but will update this when more information is available.


Cheerios! :bday:

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I spoke with Bryan!  It's a go!  Although there will be fewer folks there on Friday, I will see what we can do for the folks that only work Mon-Thur as well.  Several folks have PM'd me as well as indicated they are in for a few $$ at the Con.


This could be the start of something "new" to go along with the new venue.



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