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89005: Amiri, Iconic Barbarian - WIP by Naponatom

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After I did the Ezren, Iconic Wizard from Pathfinder, I decided to do the Amiri (in my "I will paint one mini of each sculptor" list of what is next...).

So, I opened my Pathfinder Book and started it. 


Information: 89005: Amiri, Iconic Barbarian by Derek Schubert in BONES.


Paints so far: 

- Skin.

Vallejo Model Color 70.815 - Basic Skintone

Vallejo Model Color 70.860 - Medium Skintone

Vallejo Game Color 72.099 - Cadmiun Skin


- Hair.

Vallejo Model Color 70.846 - Mahogany Brown

Reaper´s Master Series 09137 - Blackened Brown


- Cloth 

Vallejo Model Color 70.846 - Mahogany Brown

Reaper´s Master Series 09137 - Blackened Brown

(to get the Turquoise color)

Vallejo Model Color 70.844 - Deep Sky Blue

Vallejo Model Color 70.838 - Emerald






Holy paint mess Batlips! Now that I Zoomed the face photo I see the "ecce hommo" job I did on it. Hopefully some small work and glaze make it better...


I am very messy in my paintings, I go forth and back some times to correct slops and mishaps and ups strokes..



Stay tuned to next episode...

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That is a FINE start. We are fortunate to be involved with a very forgiving medium. Up until you throw it out the window, there is very little you can do that can not be corrected...besides she looks cute with that weird eye. 

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After a time-off (of much cry and shame) here is the next stage on her. I need still to do her belly again (my shadow gone wrong) and some highlights.


I quit her face improvement. tried some times to correct, but I have to do it again from the start, and I have a policy to don´t do this (as I want to see my improvement).


So here it is:


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