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Arcadia Quest by CMON

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I agree Cash


I'm in for the moment, but I'll need some firm commitments from my friends that they'll actually play as there's no possibility of soloing it the way it's set up


Thiago Aranha 23 minutes ago

Solo play is something we went back and forth a lot during development, but in the end we had to let go of it because it was hampering the core game itself.
But that doesn't mean we can't look into it for an expansion, if there's really strong interest in it. But this is not something we'd ship out without some extensive development and playtesting, since it would be such a fundamental shift in the dynamic of the game.

so NO SOLO play at present
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15 minutes after the email went out was too late for an early bird spot. I am in for now, but I need my tax return back first and if it is late I won't have it yet...


Also, I have refused to back CMON stuff for a while due to how they handled my zombicide mishap, but this seems to have broken me of the personal ban (at least for now).

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What are the CMON debacles? (Off topic, learned a new word)


Zombicide 1 & 2 had some communication and shipping issues. In my opinion the issues were comparable to Reaper's kickstarter.

Sedition Wars.... I didn't back it but I was following it. Kind of a mess with mixed quality, particularly in the seconds wave of minis. The game rules were scrapped, the original game cards were scrapped, the original tiles should have been replaced but weren't. 

Relic Knights I haven't really been following but from what I gather its also a mess. Very late and bad comunication

Rivet Wars and Guilds of Cadwallon I don't think had any particular issues.

Kaosball I haven't been following at all


Something that's been debated a bit is how much of the issues are due to CMON and how much of them are due to the companies they partner with. Some issues are definitely CMON (particularly communication). Other issues are very likely the partner company, like the bad minis from Sedition Wars.


This project also has a partner company and its the same one as Kaosball. So that's were I'd probably look for insight. 

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