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Handmaiden of Keskura

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It has been way too long since I painted, so this may not be my best work but I was still pleased with it, and it's a Reaper miniature so figured I'd post it.


Leopardpixie - don't click the link if  you want to be surprised when it arrives. :)


Linked due to nudity:



http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/IG_3427_1.jpg (front view)


http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/IG_3427_2.jpg (rear view)



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Hey Primeval--good to see you painting again.  If it's been a while, it takes some time for the rust to work its way out.


Thanks - its been so long I wasn't sure I would even be remembered! Actually it's due to Leopardpixie - she and I proposed a miniature exchange a long time ago and she prompted me to actually do it by finishing hers for me lol.  Glad to be back at it though!


As for rust - yep, I can see areas that did not come out as they should have, brush control is the hardest thing to regain I think - the blades are very rough and uneven for example. And I overglazed the hair by simply not remembering how densely pigmented clears are - ah well, it will come :)

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She is a LOVELY mini...the flesh tones are BEAUTIFUL. VERY WELL DONE!

I've often wondered why an unclad mini, even one that is tastefully done, is considered obscene, but a model of a demonic entity, no matter how vile & gross, is not.

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