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Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King


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Looks like Rewards fulfillment has been delayed a few months to a March/April timeframe.

Yeah, it has been pushed back little by little. IIRC they've got stuff printed, now they're just having the minis themselves produced. I'm obviously super concerned here :rolleyes: As long as they keep up with their regular, detailed updates, I'm happy with the progress.

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Apr 3 2015

  US Fulfillment Under Way! EU and UK in Customs!


Happy Friday everyone!

Today's update will sadly be super short, but it's all lovely delivery information, and that makes us happy!


Wave 1 Fulfillment Update:  

  • US: Despite one container delivery mysteriously held up until today, 2,704 packages have gone out so far this week, and the rest should go out first thing next week. 
  • CA: First wave shipping complete!!! Watch your mailboxes. :) 
  • UK: Delivery to the fulfillment warehouse is still scheduled for April 7. Shipping will begin immediately after.
  • EU: The container arrived in Hamburg on April 1 and is in customs now. Note that Africa is also fulfilled from the EU.
  • Central & South America: Ship with the US packages. All orders should go out first thing next week. 
  • Asia: First wave will be combined with second wave and all ship out together. Estimated ship date April 15 with 4-5 days on the water.  Note that New Zealand is also being fulfilled from Asia. 
  • Australia: First wave shipping complete!!!

Wave 2: Still on track for completion on the April 15th!

We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, make sure to post lots of pictures when you get your stuff! 

Until then, may you always roll stars and — 




ETA: The tag on this KS should be changed from "delayed" to "fulfilling".

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