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March 2014 Painting Goals!

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We are at the end of February/Beginning of March depending on where in the world you are, so that means it's time to put down some new goals for our hobby during this new month.


I'll start it out.

  • Finish Kelkar the Half-Giant (he's about 60% done at the time of posting this) - DONE (finished on 3/3/14)
  • Start and finish my Winter Mini Exchange
  • Paint up a paladin/anti-paladin for my brother - I'll be using Almaran the Gold for this figure
  • Start working on the Diorama for my PF GM.

It's a rather short month for me as I'll be taking a vacation for 10 days out of the country during the start of the month so I'd be happy to complete half of these projects.


Please share with the rest of us what your goals are!

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Woo new monthly goal time!  I want this month to be fairly light.  I've been renovating my upstairs living room for 6 months now, and really ought to finish it.


With that in mind, here are my goals:


Finish diorama for the Randomness Painting Contest: Songs by the deadline

Finish OSL on pathfinder torchbearer goblins

Put some work into my Bones Eyebeast

Begin painting Hobgoblin(11) or Duergar(9) warband

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I shall be polishing 48 turds.


By which I mean I will be painting a box of inferior plastic Roman legionaries.


I mean really, what am I going to do with three Centurions, three Optiones, and three aquilifers in a group of 48 figures?  That's hardly a single century, much less a legion.

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1. Get my paint job of this mini to stop being terribad. I usually have a good time with rivets.

Not this time. Anyone have a good idea on how to get them silver, without  repainting his entire cloak for it to look right?


2. Paint my entire cast of half painted monster minis.

I just found out my not so local, but still very friendly game store wants me to run next for them.

Imma need my kobold, orc and goblins out full force.

All 87,000 of them. Yes, I bought several sets of the kobolds and goblins before my shipment from bones came in.


3. Make my NPC's faces look like they didn't come out of the first season of The Simpsons.


Paint-a-geddon didn't go as well as I planned. I spent the whole time working on faces and skin tones. So now I have about 50+ minis at 20% finished. Maybe, if I am not so lazy, I should do that. Lots of goals. But my wife is re-watching a certain series about four women in new york, so I figure I can get at least half of that done before the end of March.

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Hmmmm... March is the beginning of Bike season so I may not get as much done as I'd like... But here goes:


Finish Exchange Mini

Finish Battlelore figures (8-10 of them anyway)

Continue work on Fire Giant

Continue work on Original Robo Sculpt

Begin work on another Pathfinder Dragon

Begin work on Vignette Project (need to find a supporting figure for it)

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Step 1:
Try not to cry. Cry. A Lot
Step 2:
Clean up the catastrophe resulted from a storage shelf collapsing dumping it's contents of models, games, and gaming books onto my workstation
(First thing I checked was airbrush setup...appears to be knocked over but no real damage sans a little 'dirty water' spillage)
Step 3:
Actual goals
(edit) Songs mini...?
Winter Exchange mini(s)
Eldritch Demon
Buy more wood for construction of TMBG Diorama

Find Eyebeast

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Finish 3 I already started:


Ghast -blend highlights, paint & shade base and take pictures.

Goblin -  highlights, light effects, details and base.

Armored Skelton - everything after brown liner.


Bonus: 3 metal lizardmen  (1)


(because the 3 that came with bones  were not enough to run a good encounter.) 


Taking it easy this month - careing for the new 7 lbs mini in the house.


finishing on April 2nd was close enough. 

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Make a decision on reapercon.  I got the time off.  Just wondering if the seminars would be worth the trip from upstate Ny at my noob painting level.

(If yes, then I need to decide on a figure to paint for the competition.)




5 Bones goblins


Paint :

Bones Townsfolk Strumpet

Bones Townsfolk Grandmother

Bones Juliette, Female Sorceress

Partha Forgotten Realms Robyn


On a side note when I did a bing imagine search to find Robyns name my Alias from the show off forum came up as an image.

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March 10th, just setting March goals.....par for the course this year.


Gonna keep it simple:


1. Finish Clickers (2 regular left to finish, 2 Flyders and a Havester, plus bases)

1a.  Start on Winter Exchange miniature.

2. Get something done on the Dragons.

3. Paint something from Oathsworn.

4. Paint something from Bombshell/Airlock Games

5. Clean up mold lines on Stonehaven Troll, re-prime and at least start painting, hopefully work on skin tone I want for him.





Edited to add 1a....

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No goals for specific figures...mainly in it to continue improving my ability to wash, and better understand how to work with Bones.  Which reminds me, I should put a bottle or two of brown liner in my next order, to take the guesswork out of how good a given color's adhesion will be.  


And that in turn brings to mind an awful idea.  If Buglips recorded his experiments, that'd be a great name for the videos.  Bugtek: Will it Stick!


And brushes!  For the love of all that is holy, brushes!  I'm tired of painting with the world's smallest garden rake...

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