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world of twilight travels through anyaral Kickstarter

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Twilight is a small scale skirmish game set in the unique fantasy world of Anyaral. I've been working on the world and the game for well over a decade and since 2009 I have written and published the first two books in the series, released a wide range of finely sculpted miniatures and built a community of enthusiastic gamers, world builders and painters.


What is Twilight?

•Unique alternate fantasy setting with a deep and evocative background

•A wide range of existing figures

•Fast, fun ruleset for skirmish wargames

•Three distinct cultures, each with a unique playstyle plus a larger number of different subcultures to give even more choice


The Kickstarter


I'm very excited to present this kickstarter! For the last year I've been working on the third Twilight book; Travels through Anyaral. It is now almost complete and this is your opportunity to help me get it into production (as well as getting some fun toys in the process)! If you have already tried World of Twilight then this is a great way to round off your collection with the new book, PLUS a limited resin edition model of Gil Masharl, Travelling Biologist, with his lizardy pet on his shoulder and an interesting hat.





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This looks interesting.  They have expanded quite a bit since they started and are now at 8 different starter forces and several different expansions to those forces.  They are in the UK so watch the exchange rate.  The 3 starter forces, game kit and rule book is still under $200.  Also, no vampires, just cute little lizard people.

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