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That tree is awesome.


Thank you! I'm pretty eager to see how it turns out. I was using Liriel's stump as practice to figure out how to paint the big tree. I'm still not 100% sure, but I think I've got enough experience to figure it out. I'm still considering how best to go about the canopy. I'll probably check into foliage nets. I have a LOT of green crumbles (a.k.a.: foliage), but I'm thinking the nets may be better. It'll be a while before I get to the crown at any rate.  :upside:

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Home stretch..... With a hiccup! 


So what remains to be done is to spray Testor's dull coat then finish basing with static grass and flowers. Unfortunately, it looks like something snuck under my masking tape job and adhered itself to Liriel's left (our right in the pic) It's a blatant light colored patch right next to the lip of the base. I'm not sure if I should try to sand it away, stain it the appropriate color, or just leave well enough alone. At any rate, it's kind of annoying... LOL! 


Here's where we are:


You can see the patch really well here. It's driving me nuts!




Here it just looks like light reflecting off the base...




You can see it here as well. I'm guessing it's sand dust that drifted under the masking tape, possibly with some glue or something...






Anyhoo, I was planning on Dullcoating in the morning then finishing up tomorrow evening, but I'm not sure what to do with the base at this point. I've considered just painting around the top of the rim where the mark is, but I'm not sure. LOL! Ah well...



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Yeah I was thinking I'd try that. I'm a bit paranoid to see what happens to the sealant already there. I'll probably use a Q-tip as an applicator. I think I'm just ready to finish this mini off, then Victoriana, then.... I'm not quite sure who's next, although Kruff the something or other is prepped and ready for priming...


Edit: Kurff the Swift

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Okay, so I finally got a chance to paint some and I chose to work on the tree for Jazzy's Garden. I'm just going to post a series of pics of the different stages, possibly with some commentary. 


Primed with a very old can of Citadel Primer Skull White... I didn't really feel like brush priming the entire tree.




Basecoated with Walnut Brown. One thing I did do different this time was use some of the Vallejo Thinning Medium along with water to thin the paints. It worked really well, at least for this tree... I think it helped with the El Cheapo brush I used. It's some hobby brush that came in a multipack that I normally use for basing glue and such. I didn't want to put wear and tear on my good brushes.




From this point on, I used the Stone Triads as well as the Wood Triads, along with dry brushing and washes made up of those triads, plus some more Walnut Brown... I think I wrote a lot of it down, but mostly I just went with whatever "felt" right. 













And this is the "final" wet product. It was still wet when I took the pics due to washes and glazing with Olive Green for the algae effect. 










Close-Up of detail on trunk... Again, still wet.




I'll asses the rest of the tree tomorrow and determine if it's ready for sealing. If so, I'll seal it then set about finishing it up to mount to the base. I'll probably add some green flock at various places, as well as an Ivy I ordered. Many of the Live Oaks in this area have all sorts of things growing on them, so I'll try to see what I can do. The last step will be to apply foliage, but I plan on attaching the tree to the base before trying to attach foliage. Following this, I'll build up the ground around the tree and across the base, and my part of Jazzy's Garden of Eden will be done. It will be up to Jaz to finish all of her animals... 


Please comment and let me know how to improve on any part this project! I'd like to get better and am not quite sure how.... LOL! I know I've enjoyed myself, and think I'm learning something. I sometimes question if I should have tackled something this early on in my painting hobby, but it seems like it's progressing. 


Let me know what y'all think!


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Thank you! I'm going to have to play the rest of it by ear as there's a few steps involved in getting the thing attached to the base. One step at a time! I think it's good to seal though, after checking it out this am after it dried...

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Well I haven't made it back to painting minis yet, but I have made much progress on the Garden itself! I *mostly* finished the tree. Honestly, I've run out of leaves and need to order more, but it's a good thing in disguise. If I put all of the leaves on the tree, I'd have fits finishing the rest of the basing. We're planning on adding a fairy ring on the base as well, so the leaves will stay off until that gets installed... which comes after painting the sand... which has begun... but must wait until the base is fully dry! SO, hopefully tomorrow I'll get to lay down the rest of the paint, then start with the ring, static grass, and whatever else it is that Jazzy wants to stick in this Garden. After that, she'll need to paint the animals... LOL!


Here's some pics of what I've got. Let me know what you think!


I ended up just supergluing the tree to the base, then ran a pin through it just in case. It was very nice to get the tree off of that lid from Casa Ole and onto solid wood!










Overhead shot. If you look closely, you can see a rough circle of where we're planning on putting the fairy ring. Of course, the lines are all covered by sand now, but we have this pic for reference. 




I really like this pic! Makes me wanna climb a mini tree!




And then there was sand. It's kind of sad to see that beautiful wood get covered, but you can't have a garden with a wooden floor. 




Starting to shade. The sand isn't fully dry yet, but the shading has begun. I may run another coat of watered down glue over the thing tomorrow depending on how solid it dries. Everything else I've done with sand has been pretty durable, but as this is supposed to be designed to be changed up every now and then (and for Jaz to play with whatever's on there) I want to make sure we down have little chunks of green  sand flowing everywhere. 




Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the progress so far. It's my first attempt at a project of this size, and probably one I'm trying too early on. I'm fairly pleased with the oak foliage, although I need to tweak the foliage more so it looks more natural. I wish the leaves came in 1'x1' or greater sheets rather than a narrow strip of foliage. It's making it difficult to cut out the size I need for the bigger branches. At any rate, I need to order some more before I can finish out the tree... which will happen after the rest of the base is finished out.... LOL!


Edit: Checked ground just a while ago. Everything seems solid so hopefully I'll get a chance to shade the ground green, install the fairy ring, then brush seal everything. I'm going to need a bigger brush...

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