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Peithetairos WIP :Goldar and a spirit.

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I was able to work a bit more on Goldar, but managed only to fit the spear and repair any damage done in the process.


I think the spear suits him well and now I have to highlight the green and skin again. I decided to repaint the leather straps and picked out some of the tattoo designs for higher contrast.






I also worked on another conversion. You might know the translucent spirit 77098. I have to admit I did not like the face much, so I replaced it with something more suitable from the Wargames Factory Skeleton Sprue. Obviosuly his hands had to go as well. I now intend to add some chains to his wrists and make him an oldschool spirit :). The idea is further to preserve some of the translucency in the bottom and where the sleeves are, to allow the bones to show through and have a transition from spectral form and manifestation in our world. Let's see if I can pull it off. The base will be a memorial slab where the spirit emerges from.







I did add the chains:




Comments and suggestions always welcome.

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Both conversions are great!  I really like the spear, for the barbarian, and the tattoo work is really good (IMO). 


Question about the spirit:


Do you plan on leaving at least part of it translucent, or are you going to paint over the whole thing?

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Hi Darkmeer,


thank you for your comment. I intend to leave the part just up to the shackles transparent, that is I will only use very thin glazes. Same goes for the sleeves of his robe, so that the skeletal hands can shine through a bit. The rest will be opaque. I thought of using a dark green for all "metal" parts, a lighter green for the skeletal parts and finally a very light green for his robes. That way the eye should have enough to look at and differentiate the details. I think of using white as highlight colour, but it might be an idea to also add some blue glazes in some parts to make the whole spirit more dynamic.

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Ok, it is now 5 years ago, that I converted that spirit. Since then he basically lived in a storage container. But, for ghosts time is meaningless. I started painting him yesterday, but scratched the idea of using the transparent medium. Instead I went for a very dark green-blue basecoat.


  • I then mixed Red Oxide and Phtalo Blue (green bias) to get a chromatic black and deepened the shadows, followed by a really dark blue and finally black.
  • Phthalo Blue was then combined with titanium white to highlight certain areas.
  • The chains were a mix of Phtalo Blue and Red oxide, to get a dark purple, again highlighted with some white added.


I would like to introduce some green and push the highlights further. Also need to decide on the base.





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I like the idea if a foggy bog. I might try  that one with one of tje ghostly summons. 


Given the shackles I decided for an attic setting, accounting for Gothic novel shenanigans with a crazed relative chained to a bed up there. 


So I painted a small portrait and will add a crate and other items. 


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