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32mm sculpt " Slayer of Legion"

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I feel the same way. Every few years I try to sculpt something and then give up. I'm ok with some conversions but can't seem to handle full models.


Revliss, I bought some super sculpey firm not long ago to try out. I was wondering if you bake the model in between stages. I've heard that the sculpey doesn't like to stick to the already dried part. I've just been fooling around learning how to do things with it and haven't baked anything yet. Beautiful work you're doing.

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i bake the sculpt only went i have to sculpey will stick  to the baked parts just not as good. , is just that some detail are not that easy  to  sculpt went the layer of clay are tine. as you hit hard surface right away . and there are time you need the sculpt harden to do more work .. so i leave backing till i finish  what i  can do then i  bake it  it still conciser " bake  between stages" just that careful planing is needed 

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