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IGG Hand of death rats and turtles


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I think they are really cool, and I'm very tempted but I'm going to pass. I still need to finish the three treemen for my halfling team so adding another team right now just doesn't make sense. I'm also waiting for Willy Miniatures to crowdsource their amazon team, the sculpts I have seen for that are fantastic.

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I went in on their ninja goblin team that was IGG a while back and got everything.  Those were hand sculpted while these are 3d sculpted though.


Oddly enough those also had a some rats and turtles added in as stretch goals.

Might be they were very popular, leading to their own Indie Go Go campaign.

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For reasons involving entirely too much drink, too little sleep, and too bizarre an RPG group to explain rationally, I've been looking for a good (not-)Skaven cheerleader for ages.


Too bad this campaign doesn't actually help any, because that cheerleader is clearly a kitsune.

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Yes, we still need skaven support staff, I would prefer skaven cheerleaders, too.  I would like to see a Apothecary, Coach and Trainer, too. But they should be more an abomination versions.

Something like the apothecary's help invokes more mutations on the team members if he heal them. Or the Trainer with a whip or some kind of taser. The coach eating a member who failed to often...


In the moment I'm more interested in the Wartarts.

But why don't you ask them in the indiegogo comments about it?


Some news:


The Indiegogo Hand of death - Rats and Turtles miniatures set has a new preview 3D rendering of a Wartart with a Nunchako:



A Shredder Proxy sketch art is available and will be unlocked at 8.500 €



The Splinter Proxy is already unlocked:




My personal favorite is in the moment the small dragon. If I see him, I must think about the Mulan Cartoon Movie. Especially the german voice from Otto Waalkes is brilliant. It is one of the seldom moments when I prefer to see an english spoken movie prefer to hear in german. :-)


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There will be soon a new TMNT Movie. But mady by Michael Bay and I'm not really a fan of most of his movies....


Just from watching the trailer, I anticipate it to be a train wreck.  I really wish they'd stop taking existing IPs and screwing with them so much that they no longer resemble said IP.


High Moon's Transformers games (War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron) were what the Transformers movies should have been...

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