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Imperial dragon WIP -- well nearly finished

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Its been a work of patience.  I didn't remember the treasure pile being quite so large. Anyway, Here is Ral Partha Imperial dragon.  Hes just been sitting on my shelf for more than a decade with "I'll paint him later" written all over him.  I decided I needed to do some treasure and well this is where he is so far.  I am looking for comments/critique on him and any treasure suggestions that anyone would like to put forth.  There are chests, sacks of coins, scepters, cloth, mirrors, altars, stones, books, heads and just about everything else and i am pretty tuckered coming up with new color schemes for hoard items.


Let me know what you think.  next comes the great basing. This will also be interesting.


And yes I am trying some new lighting options for taking pictures so commentary on that would be great as well.






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for lighting     you need to have smoother surfaces so the camera only sees the figure.  All those folds are forcing it to focus on them and thus your pics are not as sharp as they could be.  In addition try to find somethig with a neutral backround..say a light grey. too much white sends the color sensors off..again they pick up the cloth not the figure.


this is all based on my experimenting so take it with a huge grain of salt.. I use auto focus.. that should tell you something.

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Thanks for the input.  A am just getting above the "take a picture on the workbench stage.  also trying to find a system that doesn't take up huge amounts of space once I have the system down.  :)  wishful thinking but I can hope...

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Any suggestion I might have made evaporated into a rapidly dispersing mist as I scrolled down to the Dragon. That is JUST TOO COOL to give any advice that might alter you approach to the Beasty...I love the eyes. Keep up the FINE WORK!

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Aww. I had that dragon once. It was my first really major mini purchase. I never painted more than some of the treasure, though, and I gave it away years back.




I do like the wild expression you've given it.

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Good on you for tackling that beastie! ::):


Mine's still in its box, and has been since that dragon was a mere hatchling. :blush:

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Thanks for all the great comments!


Mine was beginning to show signs of lead rot.  I have had some luck in preventing it by pickling it in vinegar followed by a scrub and sealing the metal with shellac and primer.  Since it was built sealed and primed, i took out the green stuff and filled in the gaps. That done, one thing led to another and... we have a nearly complete mini. 


There are a few issues with this model.  The metal is soft enough and the wings heavy enough that if you don't hide some form of support in the wings, like a brass rod, they will need to be repositioned about once a year.  the tail also fits really badly and the spines are both easy to lose and easy to damage.  the example here has 3 spines replaced with green stuff


I particularly like the floppy ears though and the treasure really is diverse.  I ordered a lightbox and some real lights so maybe my photography can do justice to some of the smaller details

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much better pics. really my only feedback is about the eyes. they seem off/flat in comparison to the rest of the figure. for monster eyes i always like to base them off of the gem technique for more drama. not saying that is what is needed here, just that they are missing....something (highlight?).


everything else is really nice, though. great dragon you have there, with a proper sparkling horde.

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    • By Katiepult
      Pathfinder Red Dragon #60028 is a hefty beastie and I definitely did not paint him red. Instead I tried a rainbow piece for Pride 2020 (finished 8/1/2020). Also my first painted model posted here. Pardon my photography skills. I used cut up Caryatid column #77378 for a bit of terrain on the base. My biggest metal model to date.

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      In my continuing effort to continue at least 1 dragon a month, here is my next entry, the wizkids gargantuan dragon.  I believe I should name this one PanicusMaximusNecakus because this one presented special and exciting problems because the dragon has apparently decided to do the flamenco feather dance and his wings were a major obstacle when trying to paint the left side of the dragon's body.  I realize the cause was because they were trying to get the dragon in the box but man was that difficult to work with. 
      I wound up spending a lot of time with one hand pinning the dragon and the wing to the table while I painted with the other.  It was not the most convenient method of painting.  He was also very prickly... very, very prickly! 
      because its such a big base, I wanted to provide some interest for the game.  I used the old road stamp from Basius to generate some pieces of broken road amongst a clearing in early fall.  I was thinking of adding a smudge of snow but if I did it would conflict with the ruined stone.
      Overall though I like how he came out and I really like the results on his tail and his crown of horns. 
      Hope everyone like him.  This is still tabletop quality as I have been trying to produce quantity over quality.

    • By Otyugh
      Today's mini is a blast from the past, Reaper's casting of the Heritage Red Dragon.

      Because of his seemingly furry chest/stomach, he is called the hippie dragon.

      He is one of many miniature purchases from the old Lone Star Comics. I raided the store for weird miniatures. The had a lot of bagged Reaper minis for sale.

    • By Dr.Bedlam
      I saw this ad in Fantasy Modeling #5 back around '80 or '81 and immediately sent off for the Dragontooth catalog, and promptly bought the dragon. I think it cost something like $20, if you factor in the shipping. I knew when the box containing him arrived, because I think the box must have weighed twenty pounds.
      He was about the size of my hand, five and a half inches from tabletop to wing tip, and weighed approximately fifty pounds. Solid lead. Eight parts; Two wings, torso, four legs, and the top of his head and upper jaw. Wings would NOT stay on with crazy glue, epoxy, solder, or Sovereign Glue.
      My players must have fought that dragon three or four times in the three years we existed as a gaming group before we all went off to college and scattered to the four winds. One of the boys named him Skippy. As in, "Dragon? Oh, man, Skippy's gonna hit the table!"
      There weren't a whole lot of dragons back then. Toy dragons may have existed, but we didn't have any clue where to find one. And metal dragons had begun to exist, but I lived in a little tiny Texas cow town in the middle of nowhere. For us, there was Skippy, and we loved him well.
      So naturally, he was among the things my parents tossed out when I left for college. I have never seen another Dragontooth dragon like him. He was seventy pounds of solid lead, and probably illegal to sell, these days, but I'd buy another one in a minute.
       This is my newest dragon. Arrived today. He's pretty, and I hear they have him at Wal Mart, now. He and his box of friends cost fifteen bucks.

      And back in 1980, I'd have flapped my arms and flown to the moon by sheer force of personality if I thought it would have got me a dragon like this.

      But then.... today... you can find dragons anywhere. I think Reaper makes one or two different dragons, don't they......?

      Who was YOUR first dragon?
    • By Otyugh
      My Reaper habit started with a Friday night gaming session...
      "Tom felt a breeze wafting up from the chamber beyond. For some reason the air was hot and heavy, even though he was walking along a passage deep in an abandoned mine."
      "Ummmm. Sorry, but we have to stop here today." I did not have a dragon mini to use to harrass Tom. A salt shaker just does not have the same drama as slapping the correct monster mini down on the table. I also could not handle everyone laughing at my poor (ugly mishapen) solder dragon.
      Time to take a trip to the old Lone Star Comics and see if they had a Dragon that I could afford.
      As usual, walking into Lone Star was like entering Alladin's cave of treasures. Real Partha, Grenadier, Rafm, and more distinctively sparkled, beckoning, despite the cost. A Dragon was too far out of reach.
      Back along the wall, there was something new. There were affordable minis on the back wall!
      I was able to score a package of villagers, some weapons sprues, and a real Dragon mini.
      Tom was promptly roasted to a medium rare, and eaten by the freshly painted red Dragon the next friday.

      Don't laugh too hard, but this is the solder dragon in question. It is amazing what can be made with a soldering iron, a little flux, a bit of solder and a ton of patience. It did in a pinch, but was retired after the Reaper dragon made its appearance.

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