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Siri's Kaladrax n' Nethyrmaul WIP Thread

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So I'm going to devote this thread to my first two big baddies, Kaladrax and Nethyrmaul. 

I had a quick question for anyone that's done Kaladrax already: Are his wings able to be boiled? One of his wings sticks out at a very wonky angle when I put him together [dry, no glue, just testing it out] and I was wondering if i could boil it to make it look better. Right now it doesn't look like it does in the pictures i see online and on the box, lol



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Little update. Tried to boil Kaladrax after some serious strategy planning with our local goblin Buglips. He gave some excellent advice for the wings, but the tail of his Kaladrax wasn't warped so SIri embarked on an epic experiment in how to boil Kaladrax's long tail


Two before photos, tail and wing, and one after photo of him put together just after being pulled out of the ice water


If you note, the tail had warped out of its curve and into a practically straight line. Which meant, when i tried to put it on, he'd pop off his rock because it would go straight down instead of curving. I think i successfully boiled it into a curve with great care involved...the tail was actually too big for my pot lol, had to alternate ends under the hot water in order to get the whole thing flexible. HIs wing, as you'll see, had a severe warp at the shoulder joint which tilted the entire wing upwards as if he was waving




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Her quality is excellent and knowing that you use craft paints to do this.. I am suitably humbled!   The eyes are excellent and I love the way the green and yellow interact which gives them a very alive look.   I will be monitoring your progess as I have not dared tackle these large dragons yet.

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