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I tried to post this under the Shutterbug section, but it wouldn't let me add pics.... here we go!


Okay, so this is what I ended up with. I think this is pushing the camera to its limits. I had the chance to go to Lowe's today and pick up 2 8.5" clip lights and 2 Ott light bulbs rated at 1500 lumens a piece. I set the clip on lights at approx. 45 degrees to the models, and set an Ott table lamp overhead. 


These are pics of minis I've already completed, but under the best set up I've been able to manage. There's not much more I can do to improve on these pics so... What do you think?


P.S.: It looks like one of Jazzy's hairs snuck onto the fleece backdrop... It's amazing what you don't notice until you blow these things up! LOL!  ::P:


Bladesinger Front




Bladesinger Left




Bladesinger Rear




Bladesinger Right




Phoebe vs. Varaug




Group Shot of ALL My Minis...



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Ditch the white background and put in something more medium value. Doug Sundseth likes 50% grey. I still like my colored photo backdrop, which I can move around to adjust the value behind the mini.


Having more light on the minis has drastically improved things, though!

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I have to say, for a guy with 8 completed miniatures to his name, you're putting out some seriously stellar work!  I agree with Cash though about the background.  Either grey (which I wasn't terribly fond of for my own), or some sort of proper backdrop (I've recently started using the same online freebie coloured ones Cash is talking about, and love them).

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Thanks for the compliment! I'm inspired by all of the great work I'm seeing on this forum, and it has helped me progress a lot! I think what drives me nuts is the slow rate at which I complete things, as I tend to fuss over each mini a lot... well, at least over the Bladesinger and Orc as I wasn't following a LTPK. That, and the fact that I really have no idea what I'm doing.  :upside:


What are y'all printing the freebies out on? Cloth? Cardstock? I've seen some great ones, that's for sure! I looked for some black felt today, but didn't have any lying around the office. I've considered ordering a small lightbox that comes with several backgrounds, but have heard so much negative about them that I'm shying away from them now. I'm about to search Amazon and see what I can find....

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I had a friend print mine on his office printer, just on standard printer paper, but it's got a bit too much shine for my taste.  Probably going to take them into a copy place and get them done again on something a little more buff.  If you google "Miniature Backgrounds", under google image search, you'll see 4 or 5 of the same one in different colours.  Green, blue, sepia, a reddish one.... those are the ones that I've been using, and I think the ones that Cash uses.





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Sweet! Much appreciated! I think I'm seriously about to trade in the iPhone 4. Every other phone has a better camera than what I've got right now, with the Casio included. That should help a bit as well. LOL! I may just bring the office camera home with me one day, as it just sits in a cabinet right now. I'll see what I can get with it as well.

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I had a friend print mine on his office printer, just on standard printer paper, but it's got a bit too much shine for my taste.

I think those are the ones I use. I just did a google search for photography backdrops, iirc. Mine are definitely too shiny and they are very delicate and scratch easily. We have a wax-based printer at work. I imagine getting it done by someone with a dye-sublimation printer would be the ticket. More matte finish and embedded in the fibers rather than sitting on the surface.
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  • Artists

I like the backgrounds at http://www.hangar18miniatures.com/. They are wonderfully matte fabric type sheet. You do need to take some care with them - it is possible to scratch them if you've got gravel or something on the bottom of a base and drag it over the surface, but then this will be true of something you print out, too. Use double sided tape on the back to secure them, as tape on the front will also cause damage when removed. Michael Proctor also has these. If you look at the figures credited to us in the Previews section on the main website, they were taken using these backgrounds.


The cheap option I've found for very matte is large foam sheets from the craft section. (The same kind of foam that is sold already cut up into shapes for kids to make pictures with.) The trouble there is that it's hard to get more neutral colours, and there are no backdrop style patterns. Black and tan are easy to find, but I've only ever found gray from Hobby Lobby. Foamies is one brand, the one in Hobby Lobby is Silly Winks. The foam marks up a little, and you'll need to occasionally remove pet hair or lint, but overall it's  been very durable. I've used the same black (for OSL figures only) and gray pieces for years and only recently bought new ones because I was doing an important project. The pictures in the Bones FAQs were done using the black foam, and anything on a gray or black background in my CMON gallery is on a piece of foam. http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/Wren

I have tried various printed types, including some nice patterns printed up by a very kind friend who works somewhere with a good printer. The ones printed on home paper looked cheap. (Though granted that was the blue to white fade popular at the time, maybe there are some better patterns kicking around now.) The pro printed ones are SHINY. Spritzing them with Dullcote helped, but it didn't kill all the shine. (And it made them super sensitive to scratches.)

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  • Artists

I should also add that I think your picture quality looks great, and I agree that a non-white background would be a good thing to try. Extremes of white and black can make things look off in a photo in my experience. Nice job on the painting, too!

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hi all.  I recently acquired a few bookshelves which have become the new home for my miniatures and gaming materials. The shelves came with a good out section in the middle and I think it might be the perfect place for a photo set-up.

      I currently use a white sheet of cardstock as an infinite backdrop with the two 1520 lumens daylight LEDs that I use for painting and a light source from either side.  It works well enough but it's just inconvenient enough to set up that I'm looking for change.
      I figure now is a great time for an upgrade.

      I'm thinking I've never really worked with lighting and anything electrical so I think that's mostly where I need guidance. I'm hoping I can fasten some LED strips to the walls and top and then run the wiring out that hole that was conveniently cut out of the back. 
      Other than that, I'm thinking I can just tape in a sheet of white poster paper and swap it out if it starts to get too beat up. If I'm really lucky, there will still be room inside to store my camera bag.
      I also am wondering if some kind of diffusion will be necessary or if the LED strips will have a general enough soft light on their own. 
      I also have to be mindful of wall placement because the arms of the "door" brush against the wall about midway when closed. 
      For the curious, the shelf is about 14" deep, 13" high, and 25" across. And the open "door" is about 14"
      Thoughts/advice of any kind are welcome!
      As a side note, if the LEDs work well here, Iight try swapping out the old lights in the display cabinets up top. They are a gross old orange color. 
    • By Ekaterina
      Hi!! my name is Katerina and I'm new to painting miniatures, I begun 
      with a miniature from NonSenseminiatures, the Barbarian, I buyed the 
      54mm because it's bigger and maybe easier to paint.
      I asked some help to NonSense and he already made a base coat for me, I 
      would like to get some help for painting because I see too much 
      information and don't know were begin.
      I already make painting but totally different
      Also he gave for me a discount code Katerina10%, because he will sell my 
      paints also!!!

    • By AntiMatter
      Hi folks!
      It has been years since I posted here but it has also been a while since I painted anything. 
      This is a step-by-step tutorial for painting the Daggertooth King Lizard made by AntiMatter Games for ShadowSea. The way this model is painted is in steps that require the paint to completely dry before going to the next step. It is a lot of washes and glazes that build up on top of each other and not wet blending.
      Step 1 was to prime entirely in white. Then in Step 2 the underside was painted with a mixture of Liquitex Muted Gray and Matte Medium, about 50/50, then thinned with a touch of water. By touch, I mean dipping the tip of the brush into water after putting the color on the brush. The ink mix needs to be thin enough to flow but not so thick it collects in thick pools. 

      Step 3 was to paint the top side with thinned Yellow Oxide from Golden Fluid Acrylics, mixed with Buttermilk (Americana Brand). More water was added to glaze this color onto the edges of the Muted Gray underbelly. 

      Step 4 was a shading step, where the underside was given a wash of Black Ink + Phthalo Blue ink (20/80), mixed with Matte Medium (50/50 of mixed color to medium). Black can overpower the color, so only a small amount is needed. The top side was given a wash of Burnt Sienna ink + Matte Medium (50/50). The inside of the mouth was given a wash of brick red paint mixed with black paint and a bit of matter medium. The underside was done first and allowed to dry. When painting the top side, the model was flipped upside down so that the ink did not run down onto the underside.

      Sep 5 is something a little different. This is a glaze of thinned white paint to reduce the “intensity” of shadows and even things out. More layers were applied to the tops of muscles and areas that are highlight zones and to also make the belly lighter overall. The white paint was basic craft paint from Americana brand. 

      Step 6 was a glaze step. Glazes of Burnt Sienna ink, thinned with about 50% water, were painted on the upper body and head and Burnt Umber ink was applied to the top of the back. The claws and spikes were given a wash of Burnt Umber ink + black Ink + Matter Medium (50/50 with color).

      Step 7  was to give paint some stripes. This was pretty simple, using black paint + Turquoise ink,  thinned with water so it was translucent (maybe 60/40 water/color).

      Step 8 was the basic highlight stage. Thinned Buttermilk color was painted on the top edge of scales to simulate light reflection while thinned white was used to highlight the legs and underside. This was done with a very small brush, unlike all of the previous steps. The spikes on the back were painted with more Burnt Sienna ink mixed with Buttermilk to blend them, then thinned Buttermilk for the edge highlights. Some final highlights were with thinned white on the top of the spikes.

      Step 9. Final Highlights and Base. The claws were painted like the spikes in Step 8 while the teeth were glazed with white to build up brightness, then painted in the edges with pure white. Small details, like eyeballs were done here also, using bright yellow and orange for the eyeball and back pupil with a small white dot for the reflection. The base had rocks painted in gray paint and the ground a light tan. This was allowed to dry, then a wash of a mix of Raw Sienna + Turquoise ink + Matte Medium was applied. The ground was washed with Raw Sienna ink + Matte Medium. Highlights were made with the tan paint on a bristly brush (an old drybrush brush with bristles pointing all around). The paint was put on the tips of the bristles and stippled around to add some random patterns. A bit of thinned white was used to add some edges to the rocks. Then the while model was given a coat of Dullcote, which ended up being a bit glossy, but that’s how it goes sometimes.




    • By BLZeebub
      Newly finished, WIP here:  https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87616-making-another-background-for-photographing-miniatures/
      This whole piece went faster and easier than the first.  This final step was using a very heavily watered Burnt Sienna (Apple Barrel) with (too much) dish soap.  I usually aim for a small drop or two, but this ended up with a squirt!  So using my sponge to apply, it actually sudded up pretty bad, but I was able to poke at the bubbles and blow them off the paper to get basically what I envisioned.  I'll call it a win!
      What I don't know is whether to call it.  Is it finished sandstone or yellowed parchment?  Suggestions on names?  Next theme?  Anything?  Enjoy!

    • By BLZeebub
      Finished this a while ago actually, but am just now posting the finished product.  I got a bug and am now making a few variations on these--just on art paper for the moment, but I wouldn't mind having them printed on neoprene or something a little more durable.  Now I just need more minis to photo in front of them!  Let me know what you think.  WIP here:  https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83003-attempting-to-paint-generic-backgrounds-for-miniature-photography/&tab=comments#comment-1760821

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