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A short story about Amalor Myrnnyx ... a new character for Markshire:: Kingdom of Ice

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An ode to a fellow painter who has passed, Amalor Myrnnyx.  I found his Battlemechs particularly enjoyable and inspiring as I have many Mechs from years of gaming.  I've mostly been painting fantasy miniatures since joining the forums but I actually have many, many, many more Battlemechs painted.


Pay your respects.



A short story about Amalor Myrnnyx,
Master Painter of the Tinkers Guild
in Foothold of Markshire


As Ederyn entered the Tinkers Guild near the heart of Foothold, his ears were assaulted by the cacophony of sounds coming from within.  Hammering, sawing, boring, jingling, more hammering, bellows pumping, people talking and shouting, and more noises combine to create a dull roar.  He winced once more from the metal-on-metal hammering.


Amidst the chaos before him sits a young man at a painter’s table meticulously applying coats of paint to parts.  There are many parts on or near his table indicating that he is a valued painter of the Guild.  The recently conceived and chartered Tinkers Guild was now an integral part of Foothold and even Markshire.  Some of the best mages and craftsmen of Markshire had gathered to support the Guardsman in the War of the Pass against Thrym's Frost Giant Horde.  Many stayed to rebuild and now they were a newly formed Guild.  Ederyn remembers the day he found the young boy amidst the refugees camped to the west of Foothold.  The boy, Amalor Myrnnyx, had carved some wood into a Frost Giant and gifted it to Ederyn for saving him and his parents.


Amalor seemed to be the only non-gnome visible but after a moment Ederyn could make out the voice of the burly ogre striking hammer to metal deep within the Guild’s depths. The strikes of his massive hammer resounded off the walls to make the building shake a bit.


And yet the young man pays the tumultuous activity no mind.  Ederyn approached the table and the young man looked up at him, grinned and said, “Ah. Lord Mayor Ederyn, your chess set is complete.† Amalor handed the Mayor of Foothold a small box with little figurines he had sculpted and meticulously decorated.  â€œAs you requested, sir, Markshire’s Guardsmen for the black and Thrym’s Horde for the white,†he paused, “I hope you like them.â€


Ederyn looked down inside the box and then back at Amalor.  He said, “Quite exquisite as always, Amalor.† He pulled out a piece and held it up to the light.  It was the Frost Giant Shaman that represented the king of the white side.  He looked back at Amalor and continued, “I’ve met this fellow on the field.  You’ve captured his horrid grin and continence.  I feel sorry for the fools I can engage in games.â€


“Thank you, Mayor,†Amalor replied.  It was then that Amalor remembered his idea and with a bit of eager anticipation he offered to the mayor, “Mayor, have you noticed how dreary the new eastern wall against the giants is?  It would be my pleasure to create some bright adornments for this side to cheer the town.â€


The Mayor replied brightly at this idea, “Oh!  What an excellent idea, Master Myrnnyx.  I will call upon the council and arrange something with the Guild.  Please draw up some ideas and think carefully upon something for the Eastern Gates and those who plan to travel Thrym’s Pass.  The mountains crawl with Chaos Minions and cause trouble for those who wish to reach Gastlinyk Gate.â€


“Yes.  Something inspiring but yet warning those of traveling such a dangerous place,†the mayor finished.  Ederyn handed over the gold they had agreed upon for the chess pieces.  He took a moment to consider if the old Sage would be ready for a rematch.  He then looked back at Amalor and smiled at him.  The Dragon Disciple and savior of the Foothold took his leave then. Amalor watched Ederyn furl his wings closer to his body and exit.  Then he watched further as the mayor shook his head a bit when he reached the relatively quiet street outside just like everyone else that entered and left the Guild.


With a faint, amused smile Amalor returned to his table and the latest parts for another clockwork golem.  The refugee burgeoned town needed yet another guardian on the walls and the mages needed the parts to be made by masters in their crafts.  Perhaps after this golem was finished he’d make his own chess set for a change.  His imagination showed him a table filled with miniature clockwork golems firing the magical energies from within them at more miniatures across maps of Markshire and he laughed to himself as he considered what the mages would say about such strange ideas for their golems.

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Top Posters In This Topic

A note on PCs and NPCs on Markshire.


There are a great many named NPCs on Markshire.  They come from three directions of creation. 


First, there are those that were made up on the spot for interaction with the PCs during adventuring. These make up probably about 50% of the total NPCs used in the campaign.  They are typically shopkeepers, quest givers, and such.  I make these up beforehand or immediately after a session when I name someone. 


Second, are the ones we created for Markshire on Neverwinter Nights.  Many of these were created by a variety of people for areas they built for the online world.  These represent about 45% of the total NPCs.


Lastly, there are retired PCs.  Naturally, most of these are mine from years of gaming but quite a few have been incorporated from players who have had considerable impact on the campaign.  These are the few, the proud, the wall hangers.


Above I mentioned Ederyn.  Ed was a PC for an online player who went through hell to become a full Blue Dragon Disciple and then won the respect of the online players (and DMs) to eventually be nicknamed Mayor of Foothold and then really be appointed to it.  With the advent of NWN 2, the player retired Ederyn to his new roll.


By incorporating these NPCs from whatever source, the world inside my imagination as well as online and on paper continues to grow and live.


Character development is my favorite part of the ongoing creation process of Markshire.  Stories then stem from these seeds.

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