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Grim's Miscellaneous Work in Progress

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I decided to start a WIP compilation like many other people here.  I'll probably start a new thread whenever I'm doing a huge project involving many working parts (like Sleipnir,) but for just simple painting and basing I'll use this thread.  After the big project that was Sleipnir, I decided to tackle something relatively simple and fun.  Also, I want to screw around with translucents again.  So I started doing the Night Spectre.  I had based him litterally months ago, but I decided to add the headstone I cut off the grave wraith, so I did that.


Incidentally, if I had any doubts about the durability of the Polyform Model Air, they're gone now.  It was a huge pain in the butt to cutt off a bit of the basing I had already done to glue on the gravestone.  I didn't take any pictures of this in progress.  Sorry.  I then "primed" the whole thing with Reaper Brush-on Sealer, as many people suggest with the translucents.


The next thing I did was hit all of the skeletons, the gravestone, and the skull in front of it, with brown liner.  I'm afraid I started the next step before I took my first picture - sorry about that.




I picked up some Tamiya Clear paint last year.  I took some clear Green, added a bit of water to it, and did a wash on the various parts of the Spectre around the skeletons.  The details are definitely hard to pick out, I wanted to see if I missed anything.  I will probably lighten the wash in color as I go further up the beast.




As it turns out, I did miss a few spots.  I went over them with the brown liner (I didn't photograph that seperately,) before I went onto the next stage.


Incidentally, my goal with this guy is to have the face really stand out.  I must say I looked at this guy many times before I noted the face, mouth, and hands.  I want mine to be more visible and distinct.  My current plan is for a certain level of opacity in those areas, but we'll see.

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So this has not been a great week for painting - I have too many demands on my free time.  Which is actually weird, as my wife isn't around (she's on a business trip,) but I've decided to a) practice with an Anglo-Saxon lyre so I can accompany myself in performance, and b) practice fighting every day until a big tournament at the end of the month, it only leaves so much time for painting.


This is what I've done - I drybrushed the skeletons with Reaper's "Ginger Cookie."




I was going to do a lighter drybrushing with "Linen white," but the detail was awkward in places, so instead I watered it down and did some specific highlighting with it.




Then to bring out more of the details and smooth my transitions, I hit them with a brown wash



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Heh.  It's actually not flames, I think, it's a figure rising out the the skeletons - there's a distinct face and claws that I definitely want to bring out.  My current thought is to have the "face" and "claws" transition into an opaque white, I think I'll paint the eyes red or possibly light blue - maybe opaque, maybe translucent, I'm not sure.  I may do a red on the inside of the mouth.  I'll wash the rest of it with the translucent green, though I think I'll mix in a bit of yellow to lighten it as I go up.

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Ok, I'm hoping to get more of the Spectre itself done today, so I'm posting my work so far.  More on the skeletons.  I wanted more of a yellowed look to them, so I glazed them in yellow.




I then did more highlighting/glazing in brown to get the transitions right:




At this point I'll probably call them done, but I may go back to them later.  Right now, though, I'm going to go on to the spectral bits...


I'm not sure I mentioned this before - comments and suggestions welcome!  I may not do them, but I'll at least listen. :;):

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Okay, I did get a lot done Sunday.  I started working on the Spectre proper by highlighting the extreme edge of it in linen white (watered down.)  This gave me a guideline for where I wanted to go to.




My general idea was to get smooth transitions to this point, and have the face stand out.  So I mixed in some transparent green with the white to give me a lower shade, and extended this, I also did some highlighting on the back




I don't think this was entirely sucessful - the transparent green puts a very odd shade in the white.  I made up a transparent wash by putting some of the transparent yellow with the green - this gave me a lighter wash to do the higher points, and helped me with my blending of the white:




A little more washing, blending, and highlighting:




In this process, I noticed this




I kind of left a hand out, as well as the attached arm.  So I hit it with brown liner, drybrushed it with palamino gold (since I want a more yellow tone than the ginger cookie,) highlighted it a bit with linen white, and washed it with GW's Agrax Earthshade:




At this point... I'm actually a bit at a loss as to what to do next.  There's a little more blending to be done on the "face" and "hands," I think... but I'm not sure I want to do anything else to the Spectre itself.  What do other people think?  Can you see something for me to do that wouldn't reduce it's translucency?

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I didn't even realize there was a "creature" in the green - I thought it was all just glowy stuff emanating from the skeletons.

I know, right?  I must have looked at this thing a dozen times before I saw it myself.  That was one thing I was trying to address with my version - make the creature stand out.

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Okay, closing in on done.  I did a lot of tidying up on many parts of the mini and worked on making the opacity more gradual.  I do think I'm getting better at making my shading more gradual in general - this guy is made a little more complicated by the fact that I don't want to paint everything.




I then painted the gravestone - I did a fairly heavy drybrush (more of a dampbrush, I think) in GW's "Warpfiend Grey," then I sort of stippled on MSP "Rainy Grey."  It didn't really stand out, I'm afraid.  I then did some highights in linen white and glazed the whole thing with black ink.  I'm afraid this is my best picture of the gravestone, my camera refuses to focus on it:




One last question for the masses - should I paint the eyes another color?  If so, what?  I don't think a lighter color will work - so if I want opaque I have pretty much anything.  If I want translucent, I have a darker green (which is pretty much is now,) red, or blue.  Any opinions?


I'm going to start working on the rest of the base while I wait for a response.  I'm tending toward leaving it as it is, but I'd love to hear what people think.



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I think picking out the eyes would help the face jump out more.  I'm always partial to red or green for my evil undead.  Green wouldn't stand out, so I'd go for a nice bright opaque red if he were my mini.

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Red would make a really nice contrast, but it might be hard to sell "glowing" as the face is already a very light hue - sort of a mint green with "linen white" highlights.


Hrm - Bright red eyes with a yellow dot in the center, you think?

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Ok, so I didn't get to work on it for more than a few minutes at a time for the rest of the week - I got some real work done on it Sunday, but unfortunately wasn't able to get my pictures up until now.


While waiting for some responses, I started basing.  I decided on a sort of a "bare ground graveyard" look, so I started by "painting" the base with a watered down mixture of elmer's glue, then I hit all that with some baking soda to give it a sort of a "packed dirt" look.




Then I started to paint it RMSP "Walnut Brown"




I also started on the eye, but ... oh, look, I missed another piece of skeleton:




So I did the whole process again - brown liner, highlight with thinned "Palamino gold" (it was too tight to drybrush in here,) wash in "Agrax Earthshade," then highlight with "Linen white."  I then put several layers of RMSP "Fire Red" in the eye.




I put a layer of RMSP "Lava orange" around the spot I wanted my yellow, then I put in a moderetely sizable dot of yellow.  Unfortunately the angle is bad to see it here, you can just catch a bit of it.




Getting pretty close to done.  Now to finish basing.



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