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Grim's Miscellaneous Work in Progress


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Looking AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inspirational... Great Work !

Thank you!


Okay, so for basing, I finished the walnut on the base (including the sides,) then applied some static grass and Talus.  I'm going for a rather dead, sparse look, so no flock and I used by dull static grass:




At this point I realize that the base is rather monotonous, and some of my glue is showing from where I stuck down the talus (I usually stick it down at the same time as flock.)  So I spotted a bit of RMSP "Intense Brown" in a few places, then hit some of the rocks with brown wash, some with RMSP "Rainy Grey" and then a black wash.  This to give a bit of variety to the base, but not let it get too distracting.




Oh, and here's a somewhat aerial shot, so you can see the yellow dots in the eyes:




So... I think I'm done, unless anyone sees anything.  Next up, a spiked chain weapons swap for an elf!

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Beautiful subtle Piece of work Grim !

I really like how you maintained the Integrity of the Miniature and

managed to get the figures to be so bone like, but NOT dwarf the Transparent !

Great Job.

Like how you balanced the light and the darks to create an "atmosphere".

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I've been ninja liking your thread here, just wanted to say this is a really cool piece, great job!

Thanks!  I'm happy with it, all in all.  It took longer than I expected, but that was probably more due to me having very little time to actually paint than that it took so long.


Nice work...Ive been avoiding painting any of my transparents...just not sure how to go about it and keep the transparency.


So...the green is a creature...are there 2 eyes?  I see the one eye through the back of the mini but not the other..


Thanks! I've done two so far - my observation regarding the transparents is that a small amount of opaque paint will make it more opaque but not fully so - so for example you can wash with thinned black ink mixed with a small amount of green (I used RMSP "Clear Green" to limit the opacity,) and still be largely transparent.  My first figure I did with all reaper paints. I then bought some "Tamiya Clear" paints for the Night Spectre, they work really well - they keep almost all of the transparency.  They're strange to work with and thin a little funny, but probably worth it if you're going to do more than one clear mini.


Where the second eye should be there isn't really anything that looks like an eye.  There's a small indentation, but it doesn't match the other eye very well and I decided I'd rather have the critter look like it's in three-quarter profile than trying to fake it.  I think this is one place where the Bones version differs from the pewter, it's hard to tell as there are no photos from that angle, but it looks like the pewter version has a more developed eye and there is one on both sides.  Since the "head" is angled at about 70 degrees from the body, I suspect the plastic mold kind of swallowed the other eye.


I do think it's kind of neat you can see the eye from the back. ::):


Beautiful subtle Piece of work Grim !

I really like how you maintained the Integrity of the Miniature and

managed to get the figures to be so bone like, but NOT dwarf the Transparent !

Great Job.

Like how you balanced the light and the darks to create an "atmosphere".

Thank you! The intention was to have it darker lower down, lighter in color but more opaque further up as it becomes more "solid." The fact that the skeletons add to it's darkness on the bottom is because of the figure itself - I do think it's a very interesting sculpt and briming with possibilities. It's funny, as I really didn't like it until I saw the face...

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This, while I am not overly a fan of the Tamaya clear colors, this makes me a fan.  It's just the right amount of contrast to the clear coat, and brings out all the figures.  This would be terrifying on a game table, great work!

I agree.  Their colors are moderately dark, too, so they make for good washes.  Thanks!


Okay, starting on the new project.  I play in a regular game every other Thursday, and they have two regular games and one "side" game when they feel like it and/or when someone isn't available.  This game is basic D&D 3.5 - anything outside of the main books needs GM approval.  I was asked to write a character for the side game - I used to play a spiked chain fighter/barbarian in a campaign, so I wrote up something similar at first.  Then I started looking at the minis I had, and decided I wanted to use Danar, whom I got in the stocking stuffer last year. This actually substantially altered my build, I went from a "standing still and tripping" fighter to a "move all over the damn room and do tons of damage" kind of fighter. I love this hobby - if you want to develop a character there's really nothing better than actually making him. ::):


In the course of writing him up, I dumped a lot of skill points into "listen," so I found a Tolkien Elvish Translator on the internets and made up a name - I settled on "Laeglathril" which is Sindarin for "Keen Hearer."


So you'll note that Danar is armed with a sword and dagger. We can't have that!




Time for my first weapon swap. I had found this tutorial a while back - I looked it up again and followed it. Working in Bonesuim, of course, made it very easy, and now I have a bare-handed elf. I glued him down to a 1" fender washer before taking this photo:




Next up, the chain. This post is getting kind of long, and I need to play with those pictures a bit more anyway, so I'll post it later, hopefully later today.

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Okay, the chain.  This is going to be a long post, I hope I don't bore you guys.  My initial thought for Laeglathril's chain was to go to Michael's or A. C. Moore and see what they had for chains.  I could put it in the shape I wanted, superglue the links, then paint it.  Then I had an idea.


I've stated before I do Medieval reenactment.  One of the things I do is make Viking jewlery to give away as tokens - it's a very Viking thing to give a bracelet or ring to someone who impresses them.  As a result, I've made a lot of these at one time or another:




It is four strands of wire plied together - basically you twist it one way, cut it in half, then twist the two halves together the other way.  If you all like, I can post a tutorial - it's actually not hard at all.


I believe the one above is 14 gauge copper - from doing this I have copper and brass in a number of differeng gauges, 10 all the way up to 26.  A lot of these you can pick up at the hardware store for $3-5 for a really long length of it.


So I started with 22 gauge steel - that's the only steel I have at the moment and I thought it would be strongest.  After twisting it and testing it in the mini's hands, I decided it was a bit too big for my scale, so I went with 24 gauge copper:




I gave it to my elf - I think he likes it.  It also looks about right for the scale:




A bit long, though.  I have a nice bulky set of end snips - it can easily cut through four strands of 24 gauge. I clipped the end and bent over the bit around his left hand.  The idea is that the spiked bit will be in his right hand, ready to throw, while he'll hold onto the other end in his left.




I'll use the end of his sword to make the spike, dress it up a bit, and put a square on the other end to represent a "counterweight."  At this stage I also covered the base with "Polyform Model Air" to fill out the rest of the base.


Next up - turning a length of chain into an exotic weapon!

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I don't know about everyone else, but I'd love to see a tutorial on making that wire rope/chain.  ^_^  I can see a lot of applications for things like pirates, etc. 



I'd love to see a tutorial on that as well! Love this weapon idea that you have for Laeglathril.

I'll post it onto "Painting Tips and Techniques."  I'm fairly sure I have one already made and just need to adapt it.

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Ok.  Making the weapon.  So I mixed up some Green Stuff and put a sort of a square end to the left side.  I cut about a third off of Danar's sword - I meant to use his dagger blade, but it went flying when I cut it.  I still haven't found it.  I then took a piece of 18 gauge copper, bent it into a U, and using the GS stuck it to the chain and the blade.  After a lot of pushing and careful shaping, I hung it up to cure.  After that, I tried it on:




Hrm. I think I made that weight a bit on the large side, eh? I contemplating cutting the wire and making a new one, but on a lark I decided to try and cut the weight with a knife.


It worked just fine. There's a part that might be a little rough, but I can always smooth it with Matte Sealer. I also did a little cleaning up of the GS on the other end




And here's Laeglathril with the improved chain:




Ooops, the end fell out after I took the picture. Ah well, you get the idea. I think I'll paint the chain and figure seperately, at least for the parts of the mini that will be blocked by the chain.

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