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Now for something completely different....


I'm putting together a piece for my wife while I wait for paints to finish out Jazzy's elf/fairy/lutanist/whatev! The Bladesinger ended up being too large for Munchkin usage, and she and Jazzy never could decide who the piece belonged to anyway so... Here's to round #2!


This will probably be a 2-piece game piece starring Victoriana and her robot companion/butler/keeper of the cheese HLpR Bot, both of Bombshell Miniatures. My wife loves all things Jane Austin, all things Victorain, all things Tea Time... You get the idea. She likes to tease me about painting tiny things, then I remind her of the time I walked into her watching Pride and Prejudice on tv while crocheting a purse and sipping on herbal tea... ANYWAY! This should be right up her alley and she's excited about it.


I'm considering several ideas for basing (I'm getting addicted to basing). I've asked and looked at examples of miniature rugs, wooden staircases, cobblestone streets, etc. However, I was digging through my ever-increasing bin of things I've ordered but haven't used yet, and came across my Army Painter field flowers. I may end up doing a picnic for a lovely spring day... All in the size of piece used for Munchkin (yeah! right!)


At any rate, here are the pics of Victoriana and HLpR Bot in all their shiny metal glory!


The Lovely Lady:




The Fussy Assistant:




Partners in Crime (and tea!):




I'm going to mess around with a few ideas, and am going to have some fun with this. I've got some Sculpey I haven't used yet (the oak tree was Milliput), and I may try to whip something together. Here's an idea:




I'm considering using Sculpey over these 2 wooden disks to build up a small mound with grass, flowers, and possibly some gingham blanket somewhere on the thing... Maybe just a small corner to indicate the picnic part. (For reference, the large disk is around 40mm) We'll see what happens!

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Threw some paint on Vic... The eyes.... The eyes tried to kill me tonight. Ugh! Maybe I had too much coffee earlier, but man, for a 32mm figure, she's got some wee bitty eyes! Which leads to a quick question:


Eyes! Brush or Sakura Pigma Micron Pens? I've been experimenting with attempting colored irises, but I'm not sure that I still have (or at least haven't developed) the manual dexterity to pull them off. I'm 37, so I'm not sure if that's still an option or not. I think I'm okay with Jazzy's Liriel, but with Vic, her eyes are so tiny I'm going to have to suffice with the standard Walnut eyes. I've heard some people use Microns, so I'm curious about that option...


Anyhoo... Pics!


Front, level:




Front, Upshot (a bit blurry... iPhone 4 :grr: ):
















Not a ton to report, but she's underway. I'm waiting for a few paints to come in before starting on the HLpR Bot.

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You made me smile...

Mary Poppin's meets R2D2 ?

or "supercalafragalisticexpealidocious bzzzztsss Zapppp !



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Chuggin' along on Victoriana. Her purple scheme is giving me fits! I'm sure there's something I need to do to bring out the richness of that skirt, so I've got some research to do. At any rate, she's coming along. My wife requested purple... So purple she is!


Also, you'll notice that she has been remounted on a Miniature Holder from PK-Pro. I kind of like gimmicky things, and this definitely fits that category. However, I'm finding that I really enjoy using it! It's comfortable to hold. I tend to want to put the index finger of my left hand on the minis themselves when I'm painting, which of course is a big no-no. This holder gives me something to squeeze. Also, its low center of gravity ensures that my mini won't be falling over anytime soon... Which is a problem I've had in the past. I solved it with the large corks you see in previous pictures, but they would start to slip out of my grip while painting. The holder did tend to get in the way sometimes, but it was more me not used to working with the holder itself. The "in the wayness" problem lessened considerably as I used it. Anyhoo, it's a lot of fun! I ordered it quite a while back from Germany, so it was a fun addition, and gave me something to look forward to... Like a Christmas package from Grandma when you were a kid.


Anyway, here's some pics!


Front 1:




Front 2:
















I'm planning on replacing the iPhone 4 soon. I hear the Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming out next month, so I may cross over to the Android world as it has an excellent camera, and I don't think my battery will hold out until the iPhone 6 later this year. At any rate, my phone pic post should be much better SOON!

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Finally got to work on Victoriana some! I'd like to finish her up today as it's my wife's birthday, but I'm not sure that's going to happen as I haven't really started on the base, and there's a HLpR bot to paint too. At any rate, here's where we are:


The polkadots were somewhat serendipitous as I accidentally got a dot on her sleeve while painting up the frill around her waist. It was either do a lot of work to remove it, or just see how they looked everywhere. It's a WIP, so I figured, what they hey hey!






I'm going to have to figure out how to touch up some of these dots as they got a bit crazy, as they were some of the last things I did before crashing (fiddly fingers and all)








So not quite done, but not quite just starting either! I'm thinking I need to push highlights more (as usual) but am having some difficulty in highlighting that dark skirt. I'll have to mess with it some more, or jus leave well enough alone! LOL!


Here's a few of the HLpR Bot... It's supposed to look well used, so he's only got a few glazes of various shades of bronze/brass/copper metals on him. Hopefully I'll have some time to add more details/glazes to him later, as to me he looks homeless right now rather than used... 


HLpR Bot Front:















Suggestions and Comments please!? I can only get better by studying those better than I... Which at this point is probably just about everyone else. LOL!

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I think I would have lined the little bot first, so I would know what the details are, and defined the areas on it.

Then I would know what I was looking at, right now all I see is light spots all over it.

So I would say some lining is a good place to start !

(and I'm NO expert).


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Yes I debated about that, and somehow lost the debate! Lol! I'm going to go back and line everything later. It's easier to see all of the areas in person (crummy camera phone/upgrading to Galaxy s5 next Friday!) Also I'm kind of experimenting with everything. I've been using a combination of Vallejo thin medium and glaze medium to see what I could see. I believe I was concerned that the lining would be difficult to see after I glazed mm paint all over it! I'll agree though, right now he reminds me of a store bought C3PO with no definition whatsoever. Luckily, he's pretty small, so if my theory doesn't work, I won't be undoing anything other than about 10min of glazed mm's. I'll get a chance to work on him later, and we'll see how the theory goes  ^_^

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Got a few things done today! Hope you guys like them. Let me know what you think! I'm getting pretty close to having things done, or at least, a good plan in mind!  ^_^


First of all, some basing work! It was the first time I've messed with green stuff. I didn't do much at all with it other than use it to sculpt earth over the gears, but that was  good thing as I didn't have much time to do more than that with it. I think I enjoy working with Milliput more, but I'll have to give GS another go when I have time to sculpt with it. At any rate, what you see is the beginning of the basing for this project, with a gear half covered in earth. The paint on it looks terrible as it was just left over paints that I *attempted* just to slosh all over the thing to start layering weathering effects on the gear. Apparently it worked as the gear really looks a mess, and should provide a good base for the future. Eventually the gear will be better painted, and should have grass and a few flowers growing up through it... Maybe...




And now, the object of the left over paint! I put some time into HLpR, and I think it's paid off. I'm not sure what else to do with the little guy, and as he's not the main focus of the project, I think he's pretty much done. I used the Vallejo glazing medium with several different shades of metallic paints, basically centered around Vallejo Brass, as I don't have a plain Reaper Brass. He's a tired little bot, but is a spunky helper, ready to help his user complete any task... If anyone has some advice to give as to where to take him next, if anywhere, feel free to share it. I'm basically trying to finish out this project as it's been lingering for a while... LOL


HLpR Bot wants to help:



Right Side:






Left Side:



Thank you for your comments and viewing my meager attempts to paint these crazy things!  :upside:


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I like that little HLpR bot.

I am not sure I would do anything else to it personally.

I like the colors, the small amounts of verdigris helps it look older but maintained to a working level.

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Victoriana.... Oh my... Victoriana... This has been a crazy piece for me to try to finish! I'm not sure if it's the level of detail, the color choices, the rotation of the earth or what that's causing me to take forever to get Victoriana finished! Everything from ruffles to bags to what have you has driven me nuts on this project. LOL! Jazzy's Garden felt much easier! Anyway, we're getting close to being finished. Here's where I got today, and the pics are kind of out of whack color wise. My crummy iPhone 4 (to be replaced Thursday!  :bday: ) didn't like trying to differentiate between the purples, tans, and whites.


At any rate, I'll probably finish her up tomorrow night. I'm opened to suggestions, but it'll be hard to get any due to the poor pic quality. I tried to get the phone to do more, but it just wouldn't work. 












I did work on the base a bit more. I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it. One thing is that I have become glaze medium happy, and probably need to quit. It makes the metallic paint look weird depending on what angle the light hits the gears. What did come out well were the colors from the green set of Scale 75 paints. It's not overly apparent in this pic, again, due to crazy phone problems.




I also decided to mess around with Greenstuff while I was waiting for something to dry. One or two of these may find their way on the display, but it's starting to get pretty crowded with Victoriana and the HLpR Bot (officially named "Clunk" by my wife). We'll see what happens... I may just do the "IKEA" mushrooms instead.




Well I'm done for the day. That's enough frustration for one setting! I guess I was just expecting too much for one day after the ease of getting "Clunk" finished... LOL! 


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Polka Dots are stupendous, and really like them !

That is ONE FIDDLY miniature !

You problem with the skirt is making me think if you need to knock your dark really dark.

I like what I did with page 24 on my mini with the purple and red, with that mid-tone wash to reduce the shock contrast.

Think you have a great mini almost finished !

Also think about photographing with a cardboard box behind her (rip off the front of the box), and click focus on box.

Ideas, ideas, ...sigh.

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Looking forward to seeing the finished product here.


Hopefully some better pics will be gotten out of the new phone so we can see all the lovely colors on clunk and victoriana.

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Well, worst case scenario is that I take the time to set up the "good" cameras. I'm just using the phone as I tend to finish painting late at night and don't have the time/mental fortitude to set up a camera, capture, color correct, etc. When they go in the Show Off, they get the good treatment  ::D: Also, I have a couple of backgrounds on order as well as some extra flowers and oak leaves to finish off Jazzy's Garden, which will also go in the Show Off. Good things should ensue by the end of the week! 

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Okay,the backgrounds are in and the miniature is finished! All that's left to do is take pics and post in show-off, although I think she's been my most challenging miniature so far! I'm looking forward to getting back to Reaper minis... Lol! I'll post a link to the show off when I get time/pics...


I'm also posting this with a new Galaxy s5, so I'll be experimenting with its camera as well...

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