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A song you haven't heard in years

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GreyHorde is a sentimental (semi-mental?) old bloke, so it should come as no surprise to find him admitting to many a long night, aimlessly wandering down Nostalgia Road. Before going further, he would first like to offer a thankful bow to the Lady Aard. He enjoyed all three linked musical selections, but found Darkness simply amazing.


Recently, Grey was on one such rock-y spur of Nostalgia Road and found Barracuda, by Heart, calling from 1977.  While searching for it, he found a live cover of the song as done by Gretchen Wilson in 2007, with Nancy Wilson (no relation) from Heart and most of Alice in Chains.  Wow.


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LittleBlueberry can't link videos now, and should sort that out.  Thanks to Beagle for starting this thread, it has been full of lots of nostalgia, especially the Midnight Oil.  ^_^  Also, LittleBlueberry is realizing that it's been a long time since she had her mother play music while she visited, and that's sort of sad. 

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Shadowravens parents are rather fond of old country. So while it was not caused by a song not being heard in a while. Here is another bit of nostalgic music for those with tastes as broad as his. Also he would have been named after this song had he been born a girl.


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A song that hits an emotional chord for me is Simple Man. It makes me think about my Dad before his TBI accident.



Another song that strikes a similar emotion in a different way is Toes:



They both conjure thoughts of sitting on the porch with him while drinking cocktails and barbecuing. That is how I prefer to think of him most of the time. I visit him regularly with my family and try to focus on keeping his care level where it should be, but when I am not with him I try and think back on simpler times.

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Things brings back memories of my first ever trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.  late in the summer of 1979, we road tripped to Myrtle Beach with our travel trailer and stayed in Ocean Lakes Family Campground.  The cheaper spaces were by the Arcade, and my parents thought it would be cool to be near the beach, close to the arcade and all that fun stuff...


Not realizing the arcade's sound system was on until midnight Sunday thru Thursday and 2 am on Friday and Saturday.  This was a 'hot' song that summer and was played about every 5th song...



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The option for embedding is under the share tab, beneath the video, Lady Rinn.

Actually, apparently you embed video by simply pasting the URL into the post. The embed code, like the goggles, does nothing.

Not for me.::(:


Safari on my ipad has no editing options, nothing to click, no icons.


If I want smileys I have to code them specially. If I want links I have to code them specially.


And most of the time I cannot add a Youtube link. If I just type it in it vanishes when I post. Very frustrating.


I quoted one person's post which had the Youtube link in "media" tags. When I tried that, the link did not vanish, but it was just text, not an embedded video and not even a link.


Now I'm quoting your post and I see that you, magically, got it to embed just by typing it.


I'm willing to bet when I post this that your Youtube link will vanish from my post as mysteriously as my own do. In a minute we'll see.


Meanwhile, here's a cover of one from the brief cultural window when I decided that as a teenager I had a grim duty to pay attention to pop music. This one was kind of fun in a pre-downfall-of-the-Soviet-Union sort of way.



EDiT: Holy cats, your video is still here.


I'm going to try to code my Youtube link like yours to see if it works.


EDiT EdIT: Oh. My. God. It's the Youtube holy grail. Yay!

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