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A song you haven't heard in years

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Hmmm...I need to come back to this thread when I'm at my PC, not on a phone. Of course, I don't know ifanyone would actually appreciate my linking to Savage Garden's "I Want You", which is the only song I haven't heard in a while that's come up recently.


I love crappy pop music, but I know it's generally garbage.


Speaking of Garbage, now I need to remember to link to "I'm Only Happy When it Rains." That's one I haven't heard in a while.


Thanks for all the legitimately good posts in this thread!

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I like that Herrick! You took me back to a good place in my life. Reminded me of some great tunes I haven't listened to in while. 



I'm a drummer and I had this neighbor I couldn't stand, so I'd open up my windows and play this song over and over and over again. The tom intro to this drove her mad. She'd call the coppers and I'd stop for an hour or two then start up again. Those were good times indeed....

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Those of you who know me from Facebook know about my "Playback from Wayback" posts.

Well, while looking for some other song, this one came on my radar again...and I just had to listen through once or twice and recall a particularly great weekend some time around 1991 (about most of which I either can't recall or plea the 5th).

Woww..was that really 23 years ago?

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lol I was born in the 80's, and I still keep thinking things like "Oh, 1997, that's not that long ago!" And then I realize that was almost 20 years ago.  :mellow:


Here's a song that was at the top of some popular music list or another on the day I was born. Still the most rockin' awesome music video I've ever seen:


And one that makes me nostalgic as it was from the very first CD I ever owned (which I won from a radio contest! :D). I listened to it So Many Times.  :wacko:


I'll do everyone a favor and not link anything from what was the most popular while I was in high school; boy bands were quite rampant at the time. And Brittany Spears.  :unsure: I've always been more of an 80's girl in my music tastes, though.



--OneBoot :D

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