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A song you haven't heard in years

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Had any good music nostalgia moments recently?   I had one today with this      Share links

It was all Buglip's fault. He began it. Shadowraven of course then said it would be kinda funny if everyone did. And being the nature of this place, it has happened

Aard hisses disapprovingly at Thes. What is this silliness; this use of me and I? Foolishness. Aard snorts and nevertheless offers up a song of her own.   Pushing the Speed of Light   Aard apologi

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This song came up in conversation as I was scanning the Off Topic lists.....


You're welcome,


I know what song you're talking about without clicking the link. Funstuff! :;): Edited by Darsc Zacal
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I love this song, and just listened to it today for the first time in months.


For OneBoot's father:



Think I listen to that once a week at least. You also need to watch Rick Wright and David Gilmour talking about the Ping noise in this song:



The drive down to Reaper Con and the iPhone on shuffle will probably give me a lot of fodder for this thread. And no one to bother with my terrible singing!

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he considers the question carefully, thinking about referring to himself in the third person again. Considering that he is unlikely to be on much in the next 24 hours though, Shadowraven decided that such a thing would not be worth the effort. "No, I don't think so" he finally replied, "Though I think in the future I may just arbitrarily decide to do such. It won't do much to sow confusion, but it might cause some entertainment"

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This just came over the airwaves here in the hotel (Hotel Sheraton, Djibouti, for anyone who hasn't kept up with my current situation on the Random Chatter thread ^_^) and quite literally fits the bill of a song I haven't heard in years.


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