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I started a thread yesterday in the advice forum and one of the members suggested I start a WIP thread. So here it is. CC welcome, I'm looking to get better.


I'm going to start with most of my current collection. Many of these guys have been played in games and stored in a box together, so some paint might be wearing off (see wraith).


I'm not sure if this is how pictures are suggested to be uploaded, so this first post is extremely pic heavy. My apologies. The Red/ Blue girls are my main (she has multiple personality disorder...)










































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I agree that washes would be a good next step in upping your painting game!  A thinned dark brown washed over the whole mini is a good place to start.  You can do even more by making washes specific to the different colors in each area. You might also consider painting with thinner coats.  I like your  hydra!  

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Welcome to the Forum.

You are surrounded with the most talented group of Miniature painters gathered into one place.

They will provide you with everything to up your skills, and enjoyment of our mutual hobby.

Look around at all of our work, you will learn something, guaranteed !

I agree about the washes, they will give a uniformity, and make your mini's 3D, and provide shadows.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing more of your work, and Glad you aren't afraid of color !

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Washes up to this point have intimidated me. I've tried a couple, but ultimately painted back over them.


Edit: The Skeleton at the bottom is one of my most recent works, and the verdigris was washed onto him, his cape also had a brown wash that may have been too light.


I can give it a shot though, any suggestions on which would benefit most from a wash? I have an evening of painting ahead of me and I could probably update at least one.

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I am very hesitant to adise anyone on this site, since I am only into this wonderful hobby for six months.

If you were to go to my WIP, and click on page two thru three, you will see what we are talking about,

and read the MAGNIFICENT adivice I received from the forum on improving my painting.

Watch what happened with the judicious application of a wash, see the 3d effect, and see the shadows emerge.


I'm no expert believe me.

Hope that helps you see your way further.


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How about the skeleton fighter with the green cloak? Nearly everything on him would benefit from a brown wash. Go for several washes rather than pooling it on. You can also dribble extra in the deepest crevices and folds with your brush. Use a very dark brown to make the wash and test it before you slather it all over your mini.

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As per Pixel's suggestion, I went ahead and took a brown "wash" over the skelly. I did 2.5 coats (the .5 being the cloak only). I think he does look better, but I probably need to highlight to bring more of the color back out.


Secondly, I started a storm giant, I based a few days with a mixture of Nightsky and Black, that's the first picture you'll see of him. I then made another few passes with a similar formula today and then I tried a glaze (at least I think it was a glaze) of purple. Unfortunately none of the glaze appears to have made it through the next couple of coats, and the final highlights ruined him as far as I can really tell. I tried copying the Storm Giant who thinks he's a fire giant (the lava crackling) with a lightning crackle on the back. since that didn't work I just highlighted him instead... and now I have to figure out how to fix it lol. :)


Lastly, the pictures for the initial SG were taken during the afternoon in the sunlight, the other pictures are at night with poor lighting. My apologies.


CC wanted if you have it. Thanks!







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The storm giant is coming along nicely, as is Arrius.  I might add a hint of a higher white on his skull (along the heek bones and on the bridge above the eyes), but you're progressing very well.  That wash did wonders for him.


I'm intrigued to see how you tackle the Storm Giant, as you are picking up tricks from all the wonderful painters here.

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That wash on the skeleton fighter worked out really well! You're right about the highlights and here's where it starts to get harder again because any highlights you add could look really abrupt. When you're painting a mini from scratch and are using washes you can choose base coats the are lighter than the final color you want, but it's never quite enough to look good in a pic because the darker wash can look "muddy" on a lighter color. That's the reason I chose this fighter for the technique rather than, say, the bright colors of your evil priest. For a good tabletop mini where you plan to use washes from the start, you can use a brighter base, wash the whole thing with a somewhat darker shade of the same color, and save your really dark wash for the creases.


For this guy you could try a couple things to bring the highlights back.


The first is that the skulls could use another dry brush with an off-white to pop again. Like another tipster suggested earlier in this thread, don't go to heavy with it. Work on wiping most of the paint off the brush and being gradual in your approach.


Second, you can try bringing some of the highlights back to the green cloak by taking your original green and watering it WAY down. Test it a lot on a paper towel by rinsing your brush, putting your watered paint on the brush, wicking most of the water off in the paper towel and then dragging the tip of the brush again across the paper towel. It should look like a thin line of tinted water. If the line looks too opaque, add more water to the paint. If the line looks too thick like it's bleeding through the paper towel, wick more water off your brush, especially out of the belly.


Use this to paint your highlights back in, staying completely away from your nicely washed crevices and focusing on the highest points. Go over each area on the mini once and make sure the first area is dry before doing the second layer. Always wick the brush thoroughly each time you reload. Your first pass won't look like you are doing anything but by the third you'll see it.


At this point, flush with success, you'll be tempted to do the same thing with a lighter color and really make the tops of the fold pop. This is the right answer but be warned that lighter colors are harder to work with in this way. They have to be thinned even more and are a lot harder to get smooth, but even if you only run a tiny thinned line of highlight along the very top of the sharpest folds, it will look good.


BTW, for a nice tabletop you could probably stop with a light dry brush of the skulls. He really is looking very nice!

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Ok, followed the ideas above and came up with this on the cape highlights. I also added a bit of verdigris back to the chest piece and legs. I think he looks much better than before the updates, but I'll need to try a few of these techniques on different guys next. I might update the hound tonight if I get a chance.


Edit to add two better focused images.





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Simple Greened the Storm Giant this week and started over yesterday. I'm afraid I screwed him up again this afternoon (none of the pictures show his current state) when I tried to highlight the purple with a bit of a lighter purple...


Anywho, he's shelved at the moment until I figure out where to go from here, but I wanted some input on the images below. I think I glazed ( again... not sure it's a glaze) this guy about a dozen times yesterday. I'm afraid my goals were a bit lofty too :) (I've decided to change the idea to Cash Wiley's recent "giant". Anywho, without further ado...









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