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Koborlas vs Dwarves

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Troop 1

Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha


Rageclaw Warriors (x3)

Corm, Ghostmane Shaman



Troop 2

Kainus, War Veteran


Rageclaw Warriors (x4)


Troop 3

Takhi, Frostfang Shaman


Rageclaw Line Breakers (x3)


Troop 4

Spirit Wolf


Luck Stone



Troop 2

King Thorgram Grimsteel

Bear Rider (x2)

Mancatcher (x2)

Warrior (x2)

Kara Foehunter

Luck Stone


Troop 2

Stone Spirit


Troop 3

Fulumbar Ironhammer

Warrior (x3)

Mancatcher (x3)


Troop 4

Fulumbar Ironhammer

Warrior (x6)



“Fools.† Vasyl snarled as he saw the dwarves enter the ruins of the old temple.  Vasyl didn’t know what dark spirit had been worshipped in this place, but it’s presence could still be felt.  The dwarves had been warned to stay away, but they had come anyway.  With that thought, Vasyl signaled his troops to begin the attack.


Kainus and his warriors immediately took the right flank followed by a Spirit Wolf.  Meanwhile Takhi sent his Line Breakers to take cover in the center and Vasyl and his warriors headed to the left where King Thorgram Grimsteel led his dwarves.  A Kainus and his warriors drove forward, a group drwarves calling themselves the Keg Runners rushed to meet them.  As they approached, the leader, who was carrying a keg as well as a weapon, cried out “First to draw blood gets to crack open the keg!† This seemed to spur his men on and they crashed into Kainus and his warriors.  Unfortunately for the Keg Runners, Kainus and his warriors were unimpressed and made short work of them, their leader being one of the first to fall.


On the other side of the field, Vasyl and his warriors charged towards the dwarven king, aided by Takhi magic.  Thorgram, however, had learned his lesson from his previous encounters with Vasyl and fell back as the Korborlas charged and then changed course and charged Vasyl’s troops, wiping them out and leaving Vasyl to face the dwarven king and his troops practically by himself.  His warriors did manage to wound some of the dwarves, including Thorgram. 


At the same time, the Stone Spirit rose from the ground and attacked Kainus’ warriors, while Fulumbar Ironhammer led his warriors against the Spirit Wolf.  The battles were fierce as Kainus’ warriors tried to destroy the Stone Spirit’s physical form and Fulumbar and his warriors tried to do the same to the Spirit Wolf.  In the end it was the Spirit Wolf that was vanquished from the field of battle, but not before he grievously wounded Fulumbar.


Vasyl seeing a chance to take down Thorgram, charged the dwarven king.  At the same time, Corm’s familiar raced up and Corm was able to cast his magic through the familiar and summon molten earth from the ground.  Unfortunately it didn’t help as much as Corm had wanted, it only wounded a Bear Rider and killed one of the dwarves with Thorgram.  Vasyl’s attack left Thorgram badly wounded, but the dwarven king’s counterattack left Vasyl just as badly wounded.  Seeing Vasyl’s predictament, Takhi cast Iron Skin to try and protect Vasyl.  Again Vasyl and Thorgram traded blows.  The Iron Skin spell and Vasyl’s Ironhide armor protected him and Thorgram’s own stubbornness kept him upright.  In the end it wasn’t enough and as Vasyl turned to face the dwarven king, a lone dwarven warrior managed to slip behind him.  As Vasyl fell to the ground he managed to kill the dwarf who had struck him.


A great howl went up from the Koborlas as they saw their leader collapse.  The remaining Koborlas leaders quickly yielded and Thorgram allowed them to collect their wounded and dead and retreat from the battlefield.


Pics to follow.

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