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Hi all, 


I'd like to share some of my work in progress shots of a diorama or vignette I'm calling, "The Old Dwarf and the Dark Wood." I've been taking sporadic photos of my progress along the way (thought not every step because I'm bad at documentation)


First up, I'd like to share an in progress picture of the dwarf. 





You can see at this point the dwarf is pretty near completion. 


Next up: Photos of the completed dwarf on his holder, a binder clip courtesy of work. Although I think I need to go back in and shade the bindings of his bedroll D: 






To make this not so image heavy, the next post will be featuring what's going on with the diorama so far.

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Here are some shots of the diorama base with the dwarf attached.








I added the quarter for scale because I really like to demonstrate how amazing Tre Manor is at capturing small detail. Once the diorama is completed I hope to do better than just some quick photos on my desk. 


Here is what I have left to do at this point:


I would like to add one to two trees to complete the woods aspect. I have plans for a deciduous tree atop the mound of earth behind the dwarf, and possibly a coniferous tree somewhere.


I also intend for him to have a hunting dog. The one I am eyeing as the winner is the dog companion from the stonehaven elves kickstarter, but we'll see. If not he may go dogless as I haven't really found anything to scale that suits him, although there was an old Partha/Iron Wind metal that caught my eye that might fit.


Lastly, I built out of some arts and craft scrap wood and beads a little cart that I envision him leaving at the back of the base as he moves deeper into the dense wood where he can't bring his cart with which to haul his prey back in. 


Thanks for looking, hopefully I'll be able to show you all the completed diorama soon. 

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Looks interesting. Curious to see where you take it.


Thanks! Originally I had envisioned a snow covered tundra with the dwarf having a sled behind him instead of a cart. But I think that the autumn scene works better with how I ended up painting the little guy.


Yes, this is indeed looking good. What scale is that dwarf? He looks much smaller than "normal!"


It's a Red Box Games miniature which I believe is a more true scale 28mm miniature and not the heroic scale. All the dwarves, elves, etc are very well proportioned with one another. Tre Manor is easily my favorite sculptor. He has such life and character in his sculpts. 


Very cool and very tiny!


Thanks! It is quite tiny, but when I first started painting miniatures most dwarves were this size, only the difference is that fifteen years later I finally have the skill to paint them  ^_^


Hopefully I can get some pictures of my work in progress cart up tonight. 

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I would agree that amount of details & all the character manifest in the Red Box minis is incredible. That you can bring it all to life so SPLENDIDLY makes your brushwork equally incredible. GREAT WORK!

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I would agree that amount of details & all the character manifest in the Red Box minis is incredible. That you can bring it all to life so SPLENDIDLY makes your brushwork equally incredible. GREAT WORK!

Thank you! That's quite a nice compliment! 


I had to remake the cart last night. The previous cart I made was much too large. I'll post comparisons of the two carts I made. Now I just need to paint it. I think that I'll fill it with scraps to make it look like charcoal collected in the wood, and maybe sculpt some furs.

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Here's a quick photo I snapped before work of the two carts I made.


You can see that the one cart is way too huge for a red box dwarf. The smaller cart isn't perfect but I think that it will do for my purposes. Especially since it will be towards the rear of the diorama.


Sadly it looks like my scale shot is too big for the forums so I'll share that later tonight!


Hoping to get it painted up tonight!post-9280-0-78087800-1396011993_thumb.jpg

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