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Happy Birthday, MiniCannuck!

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Thanks everyone.  I am stuck in meetings most of the day but am looking forward to Pathfinder with my gaming group. 


Since I am the principal healer of the party, there better be cake involved tonight :devil:


Yes Klarg1, I will be at ReaperCon next month.  In fact, me and my friend are running a western/zombie mashup called "How the West Was Eaten".  It is a fun rule set and we are featuring our new 6x6 tile resin terrain system that we have developed.  I'm pretty stoked!!!!

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Happy birthday!  I hope that you have a grand day.




PS:  Not that I think that a fine and upstanding Canadian like you would do it, but I could totally see some healers scaling their heals in direct proportion to birthday presents received.   :devil:

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