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So it appears that there will be a video game based upon Mordheim.




I have fond memories of playing the game and hope that the electronic version doesn't suck.  From the write-up it seems to mirror the original miniature game and they say that there will be a single player campaign as well as multi-player support.


I am hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

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apparently it will e released on most console platforms too, awesome I loved the boardgame and look forward to video game, they only need to make a necromunda version and decent space hulk game and  id be happy

I've not played it, but the iPad version of Space Hulk looks to be a fairly faithful implementation of the board game.



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Well, my buddy that follows such things, just let me know that the game is available in an Alpha version up on Steam.  It's even on sale for 20% off over the next few days.  Evidently they have support for Reiklanders, Sister of Sigmar, Skaven and Possessed.  As it is alpha they are still working on things but the goal is to have a single player campaign for each warband as well as the multiplayer campaign mode.


I am really temped to pick it up now and give it's tires a kick.

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