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Thanks for all the likes and comments.


Very nice and the base is simple, but fitting in a way.  I find it a pleasing look overall.

Thanks, I plan on working on my basing in the same manner as my painting.  Improving little by little. ::):


The LTPK2 look really suits Juliette.  ^_^   I'd say you've got those techniques pretty well down pat. 

Thanks, she came out better than I had hoped. 


This paint job gave me an idea for painting her, so now I might have to try the technique required to do it.

Good job :)

Glad I could inspire :blush:, or at least help with idea. 


I love what you did with her face; i.e., she has such a sweet expression. Your brushwork & basing are SPLENDID. GREAT WORK!

The face took some work.  It was a miscast.  I tried scaring and open wounds.  Didn't like the look so I used some brush on sealer to smooth it out.  This mini helped sharpen several tools in my painting toolbox for future projects.

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