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brush storage solutions

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I think I can visualize it, but I would still like to see a pic...



  I keep forgetting to take a shot of it, and I'm about to fly to my girlfriends place for the weekend without painting supplies.  I'll try and remember to get to it when I return.  However, this is similar:




Major differences between mine and this one:  the fold that holds the brushes is MUCH smaller on mine, and there's a length of cotton tape stitched along the midpoint of the roll to give a second loop to hold the brush:  to be honest, I think if you used the design above that would be uneccessary.  But really, when you get right down to it, it's a length of material folded to form a pocket to hold the base of the brush, seperated into individual components with thread between each of the brushes, and with a length of cotton tape attached in the middle to one end of the material.  It's really simple to make. 


Pingo would be best suited to let you know if this is a sensible storage solution for brushes.  I'm biased:  mine was made for me by my partner, so I'm going to use it even if it gives my brushes leprosy.  Still, I've been storing them in it since last September and the brushes are in good condition.


Before I moved to this option, I stored my brushes in the lid of the tool kit I use to store my painting equipment:  I dremelled slots & holes so I could slide the brush handle into the struts of the lid.  That worked really well in terms of keeping everything secure and in one place, but it did cause some slight cosmetic damage to the brush handles (the paint is a bit worn and dented where it was secured in the holes).  Dunno if I'd recommend it:  it works for me because I like things to have a place and be in that place, but it's a little tricky to get right and while if you do it right the bristles will be very well protected the handles do seem to get beaten up by it.

This should be okay. I am a little concernd that you would need something to protect the brushes from shocks to the side.


I have something a little like this gotten years ago from Winsor and Newton. The only difference is mine has three rectangles of plastic, I suspect, sewn into the back pieces as reinforcement. Mine does not roll up so much as fold in three like a book.


I also have a bamboo sushi roll, where the bamboo strips themselves act as armor for the brushes while providing lots of ventilation to keep things from moldering.

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 This should be okay. I am a little concernd that you would need something to protect the brushes from shocks to the side.


  Easy enough to sort if you're making one yourself:  Just sew a length of something rigid into either / both ends of the roll that runs the full width of the fabric.  I'd probably use bamboo skewers or the like, or possibly aluminium rods if I really wanted to go overboard.


  In practise though, merely having 8-10 brushes effectively held in a bunch together gives plenty of rigidity to the roll and, I store / transport them inside a rigid box.  So I'm not fussed about it. 


  You could go for a wallet style such Pingo describes above:  very easy to construct as well, but it will take up more space than a roll.


  But TBH the sushi roll appeals.  It's light weight, rigid, and readily available.

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I haven't glued mine together and it will wobble if I push on it, but it doesn't move normally when putting brushes on or taking them off.

I'd guess it would work with any brush with a handle that's at least 4 inches long (that's how wide the stand is) and up to about 3/8 of an inch in diameter.


The slots are big enough to hold 2 or 3 small brushes like most of the mini painting brushes, though I just have one slot doubled up right now.

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Saw this:



...but all I could find locally was this:



...so I bought two and made this:



...found an extra velcro strap, used it to secure them together...now I have this to hold the brushes I use most often:


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