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02851: Hill Troll (picture heavy)


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..wait, did i say real world and troll in the same sentrnce?? Lol ;-)



Well to be fair there are a lot of real world trolls... they just aren't allowed in this forum as the mods have big bats to stop them from entering  :;):

Yeah, i run into them and zombies at WalMart on a regular basis!

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Thanks for the comments. @Kharsin-That gave me a good chuckle.


@Sanael-Both bases were constructed with the same materials. It is a 50mm lipped base with a 2" washer attached to the bottom (I like the heavier feel and stability with the washer). I picked up some hand rail from the moulding aisle at Home Depot (it is similar to closet rod but 1.5"in diameter with a flat side on it) to give it some height. The hand rail is a sliver too wide to fit inside the lip of the base but is easily sanded down to fit. After glueing these pieces together with construction adhesive, I used my Dremel to create more of a slope on the flat side of the hand rail. To create the rocks, I got some Scupley modeling clay and rolled out some thin (1/16"-1/8") sheets, baked it up, then broke the sheets into small pieces. Then I attached the trolls, covered the slope and top with Miliput, and stuck the broken bits of Sculpey into the Miliput. The grass is Silflor's mininatur Buffalo Grass. For the green troll I did add a pebble from the backyard and finished it off with Woodland Scenics Realistic Water. For icicles on the blue troll's base I heated then stretched pieces of a clear plastic spoon and used baking soda for the snow. This might be more than what you asked for so I hope I didn't run on to much.


No, that was great! Specifically I wondered about the stones, and the cracked sculpey is a brilliant plan! The rest was no great surprise to me but I guarantee someone on the board will see it and put it to good use, so I'm glad you went into detail.


I've never much cared for sculpey, but I have a large box of it. This technique will likely see some use in the not-too-distant future.

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