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Another month, another chance to put out your goals whether they include painting, converting, and/or basing lets hear them.


Mine are very similar to last month and I realize that I only got 1 figure done from last month's list. I blame it on a 10-day vacation and then being unable to get myself motivated to get to work on anything else, but I would really like to get the following things done/started:

  • Start and finish my Winter Mini Exchange - DONE! Had 3 figures in it.
  • Paint up a paladin/anti-paladin for my brother - I'll be using Almaran the Gold for this figure. - Didn't even start.
  • Start working on the Diorama for my PF GM. - Didn't start.

Updated on 4/28/14

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Let's see… Finish Victoriana for my wife (which also includes basing and HLpR bot), get the Mini Exchange mini done and shipped, complete the garden for Jazzy's Garden of Eden, paint and base an archer for one of our Munchkin playing friends… Anything else is bonus work! However, I've been selected for FEDERAL jury duty on the 28th. I think someone from the local pool slipped them my name as I JUST attended Jury duty back in January… or was it February? Either way, it's TOO SOON! Guess I'll have some extra cash for minis though… LOL!

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Last month's goal of finishing the Romans carries over into this one.

I shall add:

1.  Avoiding the creation of a hellenistic centaur army for Hail Caesar

2.  Finalizing the adoption of my foster son

3.  Completing the figures for my probably never-published characters Lady Michal Carchost and her shadows Sola and Nala.

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Finish RBG Svetlana and base her. It's been a nice break the last couple weeks, but I'm dying to paint again.


I think any remaining time I'll just do some Zombicide stuff to get in a variety of brushwork to ramp up for ReaperCon.

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Figures that I MUST finish


Edna,the Crazy Cat Lady (Reaper)

Baron Simone LeCroix (Reaper)

Raven Skye (Bombshell Babes)

Shrapnel, Eye Slug and Squidman (Counterblast)

Security Bot and 2 Spybots (Counterblast)


Figures I hope to finish

2 of my new Deadland Noir figures (Reaper)

Denver, Zombie Survivor (Reaper)

2 Hasslefree Survivor figures

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My April goals include:


  • Painting a dragon for the month of April
  • 6 more zombies for the game ATZ
  • Race Bannon
  • Benton Quest
  • 4 figures for the game I am running at ReaperCon

I probably should start with the ReaperCon minis since it is THIS MONTH!



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My commission from Call of Catthulhu is finished (37 custom painted cats!). YAY! So now I think I shall work on my own stuff for a while. 


There is some Moria/LOTR terrain I'd like to make, but for painting, maybe Marthrangul as Smaug. He's already primed (red) and assembled.

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7 more, this my goal each month until KS2 arrives, any faster and I will finish my Bones and will have to buy more unpainted figures. 


either Large Fire Elemental or Large Earth Elemental 


Iconic Witch  -  I made a Kitsune (fox -woman) oracle for a PF campaign. I may or may not play, but I should have a figure ready to go.

- she might be fun, she has alot of non-lethal attacks, a variety of manacles and her Arcane Mark is a rude drawing.


(3)4 familiars 


female tiefling or Succubus 



random archer -in blue monochrome?? 

Bald Pirate  

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Ugh, one week gone already...stupid cold.....


1. Finish exchange mini

2. Finish Stonehaven Halfling ninja.

3. Finish one of the Flits I've had started for 3 months.

4. Try to finish first of the Gentlemen's Club with my wife (if her time allows)

5. Decide on next faction for EOTD to start on and at least start prepping them

6. Regret not being able to go to Reapercon.....

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    • By SparrowMarie
      The year is halfway over! What do you want to achieve this month?
      Here's my list:
      - Get blog going again.
      - Finish editing photos from last November >.<
      - Paint Bones Sphinx (by August 4).
      - Figure out how many other projects I have to do (that aren't already on the table) and give them time lines.
      - Figure out a giveaway for 1000 followers on IG.
    • By Crowley
      Blame @Bathory for the thread title and unofficial goal for this month...
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      I want to:
      finish my six Sleestaks
      paint a couple of vintage Tolkien units
      get some project planning on paper
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      I've got tons of goals for this month. What do you have planned?
      For me I have to finish these by the 23rd:
      Amiri, Iconic Barbarian Tiik Champion Battleguard Golem Nolzur's Griffon  
      This shouldn't be a big issue as I've already started on the griffon and the other ones are prepped and ready to go. On top of these I /still/ want to pick up the fire giants and then I'm going to start Cthulhu.
    • By Generic Fighter
      So, Goals for the new year, or at least the first month of it.
      --Finish Mini #2 for Secret Sophie.
      --Make Progress on new mini for Vorgh, Ice Elementalist Sorcerer in my F2F Game.
      --Finish Painting Triceratops Mini for Twitter Exchange Organizer.
      --Pry myself away from my Nintendo Switch long enough to do these things.
      Now what are yours??
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