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Roleplaying groups and organizing games


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Most of the campaigns I play in peter out because of scheduling conflicts. I think the longest campaign I was in was about eight months. I had two of those, and both characters got to 9th level.

I hope I ran one of those campaigns. I game with Unglef and Steve and I'll say schedules are a big reason they peter out. Never a lack of interest on my part. ::D:

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I have never had that problem, one o fmy pet peeves is people who don't show up to gaming so I have a speech I give everyone who wants to game with us - I tell them it's my pet peeve, I also point out that it is a choice I make to show up every other saturday night to run my games, and a choice I make to put in the extra effort to put together the games I run. I fully expect and don't believe it's unreasonable, that my players make the time to show up and play. If that becomes an issue then normally I pull those people to the side and explain that it's becoming an issue and that maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

It's happened from time to time bu for the most part my players have been extremely consistant.

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I play in two campaigns. The longest running is a D&D 3rd edition set in Kingdoms of Kalamar that we've been in for nearly 4 years now. The other campaign is HackMaster. Our group has been following the sanctioned HackMaster rules since January 2002. We have our third local tournament this weekend at OwlCon in Houston, Texas, by the way.


We use miniatures for visual aid during battles (who's where, who can I shoot, who can I loot!), to show marching order, and to set a night-watch order (we line them up). Painting figures is a Hobby that I have slowly been developing over the past 2 years. Although I'm behind my fellow players in skill, I'm getting better with each mini.

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I run an open campaign of Exalted using MSN messenger. I basically let my friends come and do things in the world if i'm online for stuff like jobs/skill training..that sort of thing. They can also go on solo adventures if they so choose..or if another player is on go with them.


This way everyone in my GG can play even though we have radically different schedules these days. Once we can finally come together I cook up some really big night long adventure and we play at someone's house using models that i bought from this website for battles.


I like this setup(inspired by the Jade city Exalted campaign setting hosted by www.white-wolf.com) because it is easier for me as the Storyteller to run since i basically only have to mediate a single staple setting(the city they all live in) most of the time. If any of the players wants to go on an adventure all they need to do is to email me with the request and I can whip up something cool just for them.

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I'm actually looking for something in the Portland, Oregon Area...


Willing to game master, but would rather play.


Where are you Red5? Maybe we could alternate running something for each other if we're close enough?


Anyone else running a game in Portland that could use another player?


Sunday, I work starting @ 6pm. Monday & wed. are out. Thurs-Sat are very good...Tuesday is marginal, but could work.



As for my campaings....I have a very well developed D&D world that began about 22-23 years ago with a guy friend of mine in middle school. He and a girlfriend Jana & I played together in "Godsland"...I haven't seen Jana in 17 years & Nathan in 10 or 11, but I've taken Godsland up and continued to develop it.


I didn't have the patience to do a legends "Campaign"...but to set up the history of the world, I ran a short (2-3 month) High Level adventure of Heroes fighting a demi-god son of the Demon King "Graz'zt".


Then I started a large adventure campaign where the heroes were rising 1300 years after that adventure...at the same time that another son of Graz'zt was re-establishing the Demon King's power on Godsland.


The ultimate idea was that the intentions of this "New religion" would be revealed only when the characters were high enough level that the locals would reasonably turn to them as heroes that could help.


We got up to that point, but not much farther when 3 of 6 of us had to move out of state. Yuck.


We never did recruit new people to finish the campaign...so the world remains in stasis, waiting for me to have a group of people interested in playing regularly again.


The main world I GM right now is a present day world (about 12-15 years ahead technologically) based on the SuperHero role playing game "Villains & Vigilantes".


That world is thriving & the current main hero is Orca - a native american warrior/shaman of the Coast Tlingit fighting for justice in the outer world since he was forced to leave the Island where he was born (that island is wrapped in shadow by a dynastic line of Shaman who are protecting it from the bloodthirsty whites that killed so many Tlingit in the 1900's - only 3 people who don't live on the island even know it exists...and they are in no position to convince the residents that white folk have changed in the last 100 years...)


good world. good comic book fun.

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Although the group I play with has remained (more or less) steady for the last several years, we have tended to have campaigns fizzle and crash after only a few months (or less).


Lately, things have been looking up though. We dropped D&D and switched to Savage Worlds which runs much smoother and faster. I'm running a published SW fantasy campaign now called Evernight. What's cool is that it has a definite story arc and ending. I figure we'll wrap it up in March or April. We play every other week so it will end up at about 12-15 sessions altogether. After that, if someone else wants to run something we'll do that for a while. Otherwise I may run Savage World's 50 Fathoms "weird pirate" campaign or a CoC-style "Savage Horror." adventure I wrote a while back.


We have jobs & wives and 3 of the 4 (myself included) of us have kids, so we can't play all night or very often, but we are pretty serious about trying to meet consistently. The SW system really lets us get down to business (easy bookkeeping and fast combats) and minimizes my prep time so it is a good fit for us. </pimping>

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We had been gaming every other sunday, but the last Month and ahalf has been a "no go" between two nasty boust of snow. (The game ain;t worth getting into an accident over.) Me trying to move and two other players (A couple) losing thier baby sitter it's been rough. Going to actually try to get together this Sunday at said couples house. See how it works with the kids. (They are a "tad" wild). If that deosn't work not sure what I will do. Thinking of getting some fresh blood in after we get moved and seeing what happens.

As for campaigns we were running two seperate ones. Me and another guys. We would "wsitch off" when one or the other got bogged down, burned out etc. Was working out pretty good, then Tim had to stop coming for awhile. So I ahve been struggleing along. But with trying to get a new place set up, pack etc. it is hard to find time to work on anything of real subsatnce. Though I know that will change once we are moved and settled in. Just some rapids on the ol' river of life right now! <_<

Though I must admit, once we get moved to the lake I really would like to get a LARP going, either werewolf (Perfact place down there. Woods, river, lake etc) or vampire. I miss my LARPing. But the group I was in disolved, and the other local group gets together on my weekend I work. <_<

Lady Tam

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