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After long a absence from my Bones (new: Quicky with Sister Marie)


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The idea with the beard (and most colors) I took from another painted version of him, I found in this forum. I can't find him again, sadly not everyone writes the name or product number of the mini in the postings.
I wanted the moustache not so thick, more like Errol Flynn. But Frank Zappa is good, too. :-)

I didn't clean this mini before painting him. And had some problems while painting him. I hope after putting varnish on him, the color will not get off.

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Today I completed 77067: Virina, Female Demon




It is interesting what you destroy if you make fast corrections, you get a lot of others... Please try to ignore them, I will remove later the bonewhite dots!


For the legs from the ankles to the knees I used yellow pigments.


Here is the nude!!! front part only as a link:


I will check if it is really necessary to make a correction to the eye, they are not really visible. So I thought...

I do not know if it is possible to paint somehow the nipples. I someone could throw an idea. :-)


Together with Sophie and Bella, she is my favorite Succubus.

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I started to paint her a long time. Her weapon make me not proceeding the paintjob. Yesterday I finished her.


77119: Sinessa, Hellborn Sorceress


I think I will repaint her skin sooner or later. I need first a good wash for white. I heard Vallejo Pale Grey should be very good for white, but I can't get it in the 200ml bottles. :-(



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Darkrasp, Evil Priest


I put this also on the Paint my Bones! Facebook Group.


I do not like the egg-thing, but I don't think it will get better if I start to put another 20 or more paint layers on it...

Just saw, I didn't paint the finger nails, I think I should change it.



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Thanks, I'm proud on the work on the scythe. And there are many layers of paint on the scroll until I got satisfied.

Next mini I start completely new, I need to try to use more water in the paints.


Here is a drybrush work of the


77099: Nightspectre,

fotographed in the dark...




I hope to make soon more pictures not in the dark!

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77099: Nightspectre

(this time with daylight)


It was painted with drybrushing mostly. I have another Bones version and a Metal version. On the other Bones version I will try it the next time without drybrushing. But better don't wait for it. :-)



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looking good.


I think they would both benefit form a nice base.

They deserve it


Yupp, they should get a nice base. But I'm very lazy about basing. I think need a skirmish system where I would use them and a theme. In the moment I don't play much, I hope it will change soon.

Soon we will play a western skirmish. My Mounties will get correct bases and after Western, I hope we will try other skirmish systems, where I can use some of my bones.


But the main reason is, I have more fun in painting in the moment and spent to much on Kickstarters to get a good assortment of basing material.


Few weeks ago I bought static grass and made my static charging unit (don't know how it is called in english) out of a electrical fly flap and a tea strainer:



77161: Ghost King


It look like I need more water in my paint.



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Yeah, there are many cheap alternatives for basing. I'm often looking for new and other methods, for painting and basing. I'm not in the mood for basing in the moment. But I think you are right that I need to base the minis. I promise I will not let them with these lame bases forever (most of them...).


77075: Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard


I don't like to use the name Wizard for Dwarves.


Most of him I painted a while ago. Today I made the final details.



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