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The Old Barbarian looks WONDERFUL; your brushwork, freehand, & basing have done their magic in an OUTSTANDING fashion. I love his expression. VERY WELL DONE!


I remember when that miniature first came out; having it referred to as a classic really makes me feel old. Feeling old is just fine considering it's a sensation I never thought I'd live long enough to experience.

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The things that first strike me are the great job on the eyes, the pale blonde hair, the gold wrist band and the texture on the mail shirt.  All great. I think it's the excellent lining that does it by keeping all those light colors visually separated from the light colored skin.

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And somehow my computer crapped out, so here's the back view.  This one has it looks like a hairy arm, but I didn't really accentuate that at all, and not sure if that's a good thing or not, being he ended up being blond.

Arm hair on a blonde guy would be near-invisible, so I'd say it's a good thing.  Just some extra texture on the arm, which you've already portrayed.


Nice job!

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Awesome job. I love the freehand. Gods I wish I still had my old Partha minis from the 80s.


Time to be an old man for a second. All you kids (under 20) with minis. If you think you've grown up and moved on from DnD or Pathfinder or whatever, hold onto your minis someplace. Throw them in the back of a closet, or into your parent's attic. You're really going to want to see them again in 20 years.

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    • By 72moonglum
      Good evening my Reaperhoovians!
      So just finished up this little blister pack of Shadowrun Elves sculpted by Ral Partha either latter eighties/early nineties, by Dennis Mize.  Two ladies and two gentlemen, challenge as always was figuring out what colors I wanted for them.  Being it's all funky monkey science fictiony, can't help but thinking of a little more lively colors and lively hair colors for the most part.

      and I figured the last figured I'd do as a Drow, no idea if there are any Drow in Shadowrun but painting's not solving world peace or saving lives, so even if there are no Drow in Shadowrun, nobody will lose a finger.
      And here's the group as it's all together:

      I wanted them to fit all in one page so I didn't put them on bases, and I painted the rim black, and I can see a little bit of irregularities on that.  Not sure if I may eventually actually either repaint the base or actually put them on bases so they don't fall over.  The biggest problem is after I take them off their temporary base, I don't want to touch them and that's where it all gets tricky.
      Anyhow, a problem for later, hope you enjoy these in the meantime!
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      From the Kid Heroes set:  

    • By Inarah
      I have to confess when I pulled this guy out of the core set I thought it was a goblin. In particular, it reminded me of a certain space goblin that backwards talks in riddles he does, mmmn.   So he's green.  

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      Back on my PC I can upload the final shot of the mounted knight Lucardus von Kemet. Because he is a famous character in the world of The Dark Eye, I put a sign on his base to give his name clearly to everyone. As a leader of the Undead and user of dark powers I gave him a look similiar to his underlings. He is a desperate man who wields war in the name of his demonic mistress. Painting process is in the wip forum.

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      A few years ago (hmmm…2015), Iron Wind Metals did a Kickstarter for a Chaos Wars revival. The first two armies featured were orcs and elves. I got most of my compact orcish army painted a while back, but was looking at a new set of rules last week (Fantastic Battles).  I needed at least one more leader stand to use my Chaos Wars orcs, and I knew that I had a few orc leaders from that Kickstarter I hadn’t finished.  Happily, I was even able to find them among my boxes of primed figures on sticks.


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