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Ach, reading the fine print for the airline (Delta), I think one leg of each trip is on a connecting flight where I'm limited to just a personal item. I had planned on bringing my TableWar case as a carry-on and a laptop bag as a personal item. I've got to call them and straighten it out, but has anyone had issues flying with cases?


Any other things to know about flying with our delicate little time sinks? Maybe also this could be this year's general 'how to pack your minis' thread in addition to the plane stuff.


My concerns are compounded by not having flown since 9/11, though I did fly quite a bit before then. So things are a bit different these days.

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Keep your figures with you and be ready to have your bag inspected. When the TSA agent opens the bag to look more closely, you won't be allowed to touch the bag so be ready to politely ask to provide clear verbal instructions on how to open the bag informing him/her that you have fragile art works in there.

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Yep, that's the plan and why I nabbed the Tablewar case as it has a clear front so I can show them the contents as I hand it to them. And it has standard clasps to open up. Still, I expect it to have brutal treatment and destroy my arts.


My primary concern is with the connecting flight carry-on restrictions, hopefully a phone call will clear that up when I can make some time to sit on hold for a while.


I also have to make time to magnetize everything I'm bringing along...blerg.

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Meg told me the TSA issue was that they puy her case through face down. It was inspected and put back through, then a base without a fig popped loose. It smacked into Arielle breaking her apart where she was already repaired before painting and removing her arm (which was cast as a separate piece). This was a resin figure. The Zorabeth she painted had its sword bent by the same base.

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I've had 2 issues with the tsa over my years of Rcon travel. One was I forgot to take my byard goodies out of my bag, but after the inspected I showed the clerk what they were (at the time I had the big ape (kabaka khan) & last I spaced off I had my magnets for the pathfinder combat chart. Nothing disastrous like Meg. The magnets were annoying as they couldn't find it right away & I was running late for my flight out of Boise.

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My minis are primarily for gaming, so they have a solid coat of sealer on them, which increases the number of options I have.  I pack them in foam or wrap them in tissues.  The former has the possibility of rubbing paint off (sealer basically nullifies this problem).  Tissues leave lint, though you can usually just blow that off.  There's probably also some potential for rubbing there.  I have picked up quite a few of those lint-free cloths, so I will probably use those in preference to the tissues.


I will likely put these strategies to the true test sometime over the summer, as they travel to New England Paint day two hours riding in a motorcycle bag.

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For flying, you can bring one carry on and one laptop bag. I am assuming you are checking a suitcase with clothes and other personal items. There may be a small plane where under seat storage is not an option. This may be the warning you are getting from the airline. Always carry on breakable items and your laptop. Just remember, they may ask to see inside, like the last time I flew with metal minis. Don't touch the case, but do let them know there are breakable art items inside. Instructions on opening are crucial as well.


Good luck!

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The planes out of Knoxville are pretty small, and they closely supervise carry on stuff since there's only one overhead rack (one side of the aisle is just one seat, which no rack.) All roller bags get tagged on the jetway to get packed into the plane. But I always have my backpack (which is my everyday 'purse'), and then a separate box for my minis (or a bag of snacks and books or whatever I'd like to have closer to hand if I'm not flying with minis). I would be very surprised for a flight to allow less carry on than that, but I haven't flown Delta in several years, so can't say for sure.


Under the seat space is pretty small, however. I was fine with my old mini wooden box, but I am a little concerned about whether there will be room for my feet and the Tablewar mini case...

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