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She is a LOVELY statue; AND while the water effect may have been a pain (it always is) the result are TERRIFIC. GREAT WORK!

Thanks, Malefactus. It's really humbling to hear this from you, as your Last Hurrah has been big inspiration to me. I love the surrealism, humor and attention to detail you put into your work.

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Just awesome Dan!


It looks so dead,is that the look you were trying to give? 


I am missing a few subtle washes of green on the water (only where it touches the sides of the fountain) and some leaves, to give it a little life.

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Thats for the advice, Willen. I'm going to try to add some color today. I also feel I should point out that the statue is not my sculpture, but it's Sophie from A Reaper Christmas Carol (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/01422/latest/01422). I actually have duplicates of that set, and she's much larger than the heroic scale minis that my game group uses.

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So I made some quick changes to try to bring it to life. I added a thin green wash along the edge of the water and up onto the statue where her dress meets the water. It didn't come through well in the pictures, but it comes through in person. 


Then I put a light green-brown wash on the patches of dirt - to try to make them stand out a little more agains the tile.


Then I quickly sculpted up a couple of bottles using copper wire and green stuff - they got a quick coat of green paint mixed with metallic medium. 


finally I added a patch of moss on one edge of the fountain wall.


I think it really helped and it was really very little work. I've been working on terrain all morning, so I already had everything out.



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Yep, looks a bit more alive now.


That mini does make a pretty nice fountain.


What did you use for the base and the fountain tile?


The fountain tile is patterned styrene sheet - they are 0.25" squares. I believe this particular sheet was from evergreen, but other companies make them as well.


My local hobby store (mostly RC stuff, but they've got a pretty good model train section) has racks of the stuff from evergreen, plastruct and JTT - in all sorts of different patterns. It's a great way to add some detail to terrain or bases without a huge sculpting effort.


In this case I had a 6" x 12" sheet, and cut off a 6"x6" sheet for "base" (I used a fancy paper cutter I have for bookbinding, but it cuts easily with a hobby knife and a straight edge). I then cut a few long 1-tile wide pieces and glued them to three sides of some .25"x.25" square styrene rods I had in my bits box. These rods were then glued to the base. Then, because I was sloppy, I filled in the gaps with some modeling paste.


I really hate giving a nice sculpt like this the "statue treatment" but I've got a growing backlog of items to paint, and at least this way she'll make it to the table. 

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That water is looking excellent now!


And the other accents are great as well. The bottles look like they could use more shading but if they've been painted in metalics, perhaps it is just the shine throwing me off.

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Willen- the bottles could use more than some shading, the scale is off, and they are too asymmetric for my tastes. I would rather scrap them and start over than try to clean them up. However, I think I'm going to put this project on hold for a bit. I'm out of town this week and when I get home I should have received some new mins in the mail which will pull my attention away from this town square at least for now.


That said, I really appreciate the feedback provided here. It's so helpful to me to get a fresh pair of eyes on my work.

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