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So here's my first finished sculpt. I say "finished" because I think I've started this guy at least a half a dozen times, and given up and started over. It's been a huge learning experience - and so much fun. 


Now I've got to get started painting...


As always, feedback is welcome.



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looks like it was fun to sculpt

It was fun to sculpt, but at this point in my life, time is limited enough that I'm not going to spend my hobby time doing somethign I'm not enjoying. That's one of the reasons this guy took me so long. I'd get frustrated and put him down for a couple weeks and focus on painting or terrain, until I really wanted to start painting again.

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That stinking Mr. Tonberry... How many times did he shiv my party in... what was it? FF X? Great job, although he should have the slain bodies of my poor party around his feet.... LOL! Looking forward to more!

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