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Amalor Myrnnyx Painting Memorial submissions.


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On March 7, 2014 Long time member and prolific painter, not to mention inspiration and friend to many,Amalor Myrnnyx; passed away.  He was always ready to participate in painting challenges, both here, and in the Battletech community as well. Best known for his mecha pieces, he was also quite keen on painting fantasy and sci-fi figures as well. One of the last things he posted was, in response to another painting challenge, a reminder that the real goal was to have fun. So that is what this is, an opportunity to do something in his memory, to paint something in his memory, and a reminder to have fun. 



Anything from any company will be accepted, so long as it reminds you of our dear friend. 

Submissions should all be in by the 7th of September, where they will be gathered and put together in a video format in time for his birthday.

as per forum rules, anything containing nudity needs to be hosted off site and linked

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I've been working on replicating a lance design I made for Battletech based on the "Grey Death Legion" mercenaries from the novels and resource book.


My version of the mercenary company had added some additional mechs including the Pennant Lance, an Assault class lance.  The original lance is made up of the following, Harlston Jacks' Grand Titan (leader), Bama Fujita's Battlemaster, Muriko Sampson's Awesome, and Wendy Mayhem's Archer.


I think I got it pretty close using some of my current training to maintain details.


Official Photo from Show Off:




Shown below is a 60-ton Dragon Battlemech next to the 100-ton Grand Titan.




Once I add some terrain to the base and take some decent single and lance photos I will post him to show off.

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I am not sure this applies but this is as close to a CAV as i have so I painted it up.


I enjoyed looking through his work and felt that he contributed to this group in a meaningfull and encouraging way. 


May peace be with you and my wishes go to his family on this day of rememberance.



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I've never painted a CAV before.  I'm usually more of a humans-n-critters type.  I thought I would try stretching out for this, because Amalor Myrnyx was so important to this forum.


This is Reaper's CAV 24576: Ripper.


post-8022-0-02507400-1408931861.jpg post-8022-0-26515100-1408931876.jpg


post-8022-0-87979100-1408931758.jpg post-8022-0-64349800-1408931900.jpg


post-8022-0-67928200-1408931982.jpg post-8022-0-05909000-1408932028.jpg

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I'm hoping that I can do some more finishing work tomorrow night and post another photo, but I wanted to make sure I submitted something for this project:




I didn't want to copy James' work, but I wanted to paint a tribute. This Cyclops is painted in the CBT "Battlecorps" paint scheme, with the 'mech's left leg (traditionally painted based on past allegiance) painted in the colors of Melody's Rockers, of Myrnnyx fame. I also added a banner with the unit logo for James' personal fan creation.


I made a few updates and cleaned up some of the paint. Here is the final, finished version:




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So was hopeing to get something new done for this, but new baby stopped that.

But then I was thinking what would I do, and really realised that I had already done it, and James got it about two years ago.

It was a miniture i sculpted and poainted for him in a mini exchange on BTU.

If anyone knew him, they might know one of his favourite battletech stories of how he took out an Atlas with a head shot from a Valkyrie ( a big deal in battletech terms, like a getting a hole in one. in a windstorm.and an eye patch.)

so scuplted this for him , Valkyrie painted in melody rockers paint scheme(or at least a tribute band to the rockers paint scheme),and hints to cancer awareness on the mech, (which he always did charity work for) standing over the face of an Atlas.

He was such an inspiration for work ethic and production, was so glad he got to hold and have this , hope his family now have it. On eof the first times I ever posted on Reaper webiste he gave constructive criticism on painting flames in wrong colour order (yellow should be on the inside........ not the outside of the flames.....) and every time i paint flames or heat, he comes to kind.

most of all, i really really really really miss the titles of his posts, always had some inside joke or reference (kiss my axe, still being my favourite)

anyway, James hope you are painting away, and may your paint pot never run dry.




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Oh yeah. His Valk head capping of an Atlas was always one of his favorite stories to tell whenever a 'David and Goliath' situation was brought up. Nice to see some love for his Melody's Rockers.


on another note

As my own tribute is needing to have the pictures retaken, and I have had a couple others ask about late submissions, and because there isn't going to be any judging, I'm going to keep this open a bit longer.

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Still waiting on a couple of others. But here's mine. 


First up a Patriot and Phoenix Hawk Battlmech painted up in the colours of Amalor's custom mercenary unit Melody's Rockers. The story behind the unit, and the somewhat silly paint scheme where part of what drew me in to becoming a fan for life of Amalor Myrnnyx  painted minis, and what in turn encouraged me to paint for more than just the tabletop.





and lastly, a figure that will always remind me of James. In one of the few discussions I recall having with him, we where talking over favorite sculpts by Sandra Garrity and this one was one we both shared. Not my best work I'm afraid, but the other day when I saw her on my shelf, I just had to paint her for this.


02035: Gwendalyn The Healer


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Dark, being the foolish mortal that I am, chooses to send him off, and guard him, with a Valkyrie.  I was unaware of his Atlas headshot story, just thinking Viking mythology and mixing it into Battletech.


The result is another version of the Valkyrie, one made by Wizkids cut off its base and put onto my custom 'AM Memorial' base.








My humblest apologies to everyone for being late. 

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