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I like her and the little bot. You did a great job with the purples on her skirt and the free hand on her blouse is nice. I like the first back drop better for her as the second one really does wash out her face. As a Victorian lady her skin should be pale and delicate though and you've captured that.  Also your basing is excellent.

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Kharsin, they both look fantastic! I think the ruffles turned out great, the purple dress is awesome and I love the gold shading on the bot. You can easily make your own light box from a cardboard box, some light, white cloth, and 3 identical light sources.

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Thank you all so much! Yes, the ruffles drove me nuts, and probaby added a couple of days to the process. I'd get them almost finished "try" something, then have to start all over! Lol!

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Very nice work. I like the freehand on her blouse. Great ruffles, too. The metal on the bot is well done. The glint on the eye piece goes a long way to showing the difference between the glass of the lens and the metal of the body.

Thank you very much! I don't think I shall be attempting any more ruffles for a while. The metal on "Clunk" was an experiment using Vallejo Glazing Medium. I also used it a lot on the half buried gear as well. I went glaze crazy for a while, but I was happy with the results.


Again, thanks to everyone for the comments! I'm definitely trying to improve, and hope to get better!

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As they say, the third time is the charm! I've tried posting this twice already so... here we go!


My lightbox finally came in and I've used it to take pics of my exchange mini, but as I can't post those quite yet, I went ahead and took a few pics of "The Picnic" to see how they compared to the non-light box versions. The results are below. I do believe that they cut out some of the harshness of the lights, and make them look really good! Of course, the box ended up being a LOT bigger than I thought it would be. It's a 2' box and covers up our entire tiny dining table. Maybe I should've gone for the 12" box, but I think the results are fine with the 2', although I have to crawl inside to take my pics...  :upside:


You can see how big this thing is. I can fit my Ott light inside, which is a good thing as I don't have a light source strong enough to light the entire box from above.





Here's the first pic with the light box:




Similar without:




Second pic with light box:




Similar without:




At any rate, they look more warm to me, which I like. It should also be noted that I'm taking the new pics with a Galaxy s5, while the old ones were taken with my old Casio digital camera. I'm pleased with them, even if I do have to crawl inside of the thing... LOL!


I'll post the pics of the Exchange mini when my exchange partner receives hers and gives the okay. They came out really nice! 


Please leave comments and ideas, and thank you so much for reading!



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Amazing job on the whole thing! I love the whole steampunk picnic concept with her robot friend. She looks perfectly Victorian. I really like the cog/gear they they are standing on, love the touch of the mushroom, and the plants look rather nice as well.

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