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Looking for codes (create spoilers/ resize pictures/others)

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For this I just found a solution:

Choose the third top Icon 'Special BBCode', look in 'please select' and enter a text. I think it can be also used for to hide pictures and other stuff.


Resize Pictures

Does anyone know if it is possible to insert pictures with a BBCode and make them smaller until you click on them?



How to enter movies? I saw already other users putting youtube videos in the post, but I don't know how.



Ok, not really a question, but if someone has question how to do something, I thought we could collect them all in this thread.

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Including a youtube video

[youtube| GBtYiLFH85A |/youtube]

GBtYiLFH85A is the id of the video, you can see it from the url on youtube

Google videos

[gvideo] 3966673435136338279 [/gvideo]

3966673435136338279 is the id of the video


leave out the spaces in between the tags.

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If you hit the lightswitch looking button on the top left of the reply field, it will turn off the automatic coding, which can allow you a bit more control. With that, you can use {spoiler} tags (replace { with [ and } with ]). For example:



Hello, world.


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