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Red Box Barbarian and Orc Brute

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Hi all, here's another WIP that I've started. These are two miniatures I received from two separate Red Box Games kickstarters. 


A barbarian and an orc. Here they are primed and ready for some paint.



Front view


Skin Base Coat and Fur Base Coat on the barbarian, and the still drying skin on the orc




The orc brute is a slight conversion, I used one of the spare heads from the orc warlord on the head of the orc brute for a more menacing look. I  can't wait to get this orc painted up because I can just envision him dragging that cruel and jagged blade on the ground as he approaches a foe (probably the barbarian!) 


Thanks for looking! I'm hoping you enjoy the ride as I work through this duo during the week. 

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Thanks for all the words of encouragement!


I mostly worked on the barbarian, all the orc got was another base coat of the skin since the mix I made up didn't cover too well, but I think he's ready to rock now.





I think the barbarian's skin is done, the photos are a little harsh. Next up are his pants, bedroll, scabbard, and wineskin. I am happy with the belt and fur and don't want to do much there.


After his accessories I'll do his boots and highlight his pants, and then all that will remain is all the metals ( sword hilt, the axe [though the handle will probably be another shade of brown, maybe ashen?], wrist bracelet, pendant, studs on bracer) 


I'm pretty pleased with the eyes, I was trying to get a looking up and to the side with this guy, since he'll b looking up at Mr. Orc here (who hopefully I can portray is looking down) 


Thanks again for looking!




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I just worked on the Orc tonight.


I painted in the shades of his skin, and then gave him a wash of green ochre and burgundy mixed together then brought it back up with a first pass of highlights.


I also painted the tunic, the necklace cord, and his fur. I got his eyes but couldn't get a good photo of them. They'e tiny even for RBG miniature standards. 








Tomorrow I might flip back to the barbarian, or actually work on my RPG that I'm supposed to be running on Sunday. Next step on the orc is more skin work. 

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Hey all! I really just worked on the orc because I was in a groove after getting out of work. Pretty pleased with it, I don't think there's much more I want to do with him. I had a lot of fun painting with him. I wish I could base him right away, but he's going to have to wait for his barbarian foe to be finished before they can get a proper base to face each other.








I hope you enjoyed watching me paint this orc, maybe I'll be able to get close to finishing the barbarian tonight too! 

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I sufficiently bugged my girlfriend to take pictures of the barbarian tonight. I also was really in the zone and I think I'm ready to call him finished. Although I might go back and add a few more highlights in a couple places.


I really like how he came out, he's got a look that really screams we're going to fight now. I think pairing him and the orc on a little scenic base is going to be a lot of fun. Alas, there is too much going on this weekend and I don't know if I'll be able to get to that D: 


I was thinking the Orc could be astride the top of a rocky type of outcropping looking down at the barbarian who could be standing in a grassy area. 







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I took off the weekend to turn thirty and also celebrate Easter I guess. Took some walks in the woods of Southwest PA and got inspired (and also obtained some twigs) for basing these two combatants. Finally was able to dig in this evening.


I spent most of the time shearing the cork to make it look like a natural hill and I think that it worked. Next step is wait the eternity for the glue to dry, then paint everything a medium brown. I plan to be sparse with the grass coverings and also hopefully get some leaf litter to cover a lot of the ground. I want it to look like a hard winter has just ended but the leaves haven't returned yet so there's lot of dead leaves on the forest floor. I think that will help set the mood for this piece



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I finally got some time to work on this and finish my diorama. Glue is still drying so these are just rough shots to show what I've accomplished with the work in progress, and tomorrow maybe I can bug my girlfriend to take better photos. 








Thanks for coming on this work in progress journey with me! Now I have to decide if I want to do some more of the Red Box Barbarians or work on some of Tre's elves that need a simple green bath first. 

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