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Name Tags?


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I have longish brown hair and blue argyle glasses. I like good food and my figure reflects this. My husband (mr psycho) is shorter than me, certain to be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and has a ginger beard. The two of us create a lot of noise and are charmingly obnoxious. We usually travel in a pack though the members of said pack are revolving. Join if you wish!

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a ReaperCon 2014 shirt that is holding a Starbucks cup....

More importantly, how did you get a cup holder installed on your shirt?



I inserted the ReaperCon shirt part after I wrote all that...oh and I do not believe in anything but ... so you never know how my sentences will turn out....you know


A/S/L check!

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I want my own "Hello my name is..." name tag!



Warning: I don't have an actual watermelon helm...nor do I have the awesome ginger goatee to so easily identify myself.


It is Texas, the watermelons are coming in from Mexico now.  I'm sure we could make one for you.  ::D:


I will confess that I am disappointed in your lack of ginger goatee.  Mine would be that color, but I don't have time now to grow it out.


I figure I'll just ID you as the guy with the lady who, by her own admission, is squealing a lot. 

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