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Looks great!


I got Svetlana as well, a squad of the armored Chaos-looking dudes and one more barbarian. I haven't done anything with them yet, because the casting was so bad on them. It's gonna take a lot of work to get them to where they can be painted, though I do like the sculpts.


This is why I, for one, am doubly impressed with your work on this!

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What is it you don't like about the grass? We're you using static grass or the army painter/minitaur tufts?

It's a mess, got everywhere and didn't behave well at all. I'm using Silflor mat grass. I thought it would be cool because I think the tufts look too artificial and wanted something I could make into more organic shapes. Originally I wanted to cover the whole depression area with grass and sink it into the snow and then dust snow over the top. But they use black (!) threads to bind the mats together, so the edges were a nightmare. I ended up just trying to make a little shape in my hand and pull the binding threads out and jam it into some glue, then remove the worst offenders. I don't want to varnish it and blow the snow and grass all over the place, either.


Still not happy with the photography, the back shot in particular is blown out by the light shining (through my light box diffusion!) on the model. Most of the painted detail on the axe and shield is lost in the shine.


Also, that join for the shield is super weak. Not sure if I'll bring her to ReaperCon, I don't expect that it would survive the trip let alone additional handling.


This is why I enjoy the painting part of the hobby. The rest of it is a mess. :)

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Thanks to all for the kind words.


Yeah, the grass isn't great but if I don't start using stuff like that I won't learn. I just hate sucking at things :)


And really, it does look pretty cool at a distance on the shelf.


I do think my love of winter is starting to show a bit...

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Hmm my only issue with her is the axe fit.


I guess I need to get her painted up now so people can see a more tabletop version ;)


Not sure if its the photo but at your level I think the highlights on the metal could be brighter. Great blending across the model and the skin tone is interesting, always good to see something other than another tanned white person in mini form.

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