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Formless Spawn of Tsathoggua

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I've been real lazy of recent, so a minion of Tsathoggua seems quite appropriate. Top row's colour was thrown off a little. Bottom row is pretty spot on.




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I'm not familiar with spawn of Tsathogghua but it looks like it would be a great ooze to encounter. It looks like it is coming right out of a tar pit.

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Oops, I was so lazy I forgot to link to wiki and the story. I was inspired to make a FSoT after seeing this wondrous mini of one




The story

The Tale of Satampra Zeiros



 Fast, at least semi sentient, liquid blob of hunger that can reshape itself and even strike from across a room. If it grabs a limb, all you might have left is withered and cauterized stump

. ::o: 

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