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DanMayhem's TMM Studies

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I've been painting for nearly a year now, but I've never been happy with the TMM work I've done. This community has been really helpful in giving advice on some other pieces I've done, so I decided to pick out a handful of mini's with a lot metal on them, and put up a WIP. Hopefully, by the time I'm done I'll be much better.


The finalists are:


From left to right

- 77055 - Anval Thricedamned, Evil Warrior

- 77094 - Trista, the White Wolf

- 77168 - Battleguard Golem

- 77023 - Barnabus, Human Warrior

- 77058 - Almaran the Gold, Paladin


I've started prepping Almaran, hopefully I'll get some time to paint this weekend and be able to get some pictures up.







[edit 5/16/2014: added references]

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Waiting to see what you do. I will admit I like the shine of metal, but the "look" of NMM, so I am trying hard to get nice shades and colors into metals. I will provide all the tips I can here :)

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I've found copying the highlights and shadows that other people have painted super helpful. Love the inspiration gallery and these forums for that.

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Not much progress today - I had a friend in form out-of-town. Also - I'm starting with Barnabas, not Almaran.


Anyway, her took a hot bath, then a cold bath, then a soapy bath. Then I got him covered in grey liner.


My normal photo set up relies on sunlight, so I just took a quick photo at my desk... and I can see that missed a mold line.




I've been looking at all the photos of this mini that I can find (good advice, lexomatic). and I'm thinking I'm going to mostly for a well-maintained steel look, with some gold accent pieces (e.g. helmet, gauntlets, kneepads).

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Great idea for a thread!  I'll be following this one, I've painted Trista and the golem and I'd love to get tips on how to improve.  Perhaps I'll even be motivated to follow along!  ^_^

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tmm wth is that?

I think but Im not sure....It means True Metallic Metal....which is where you do the same technique as Non Metallic metal but you use metallics instead...


I mean I heard the term before but not often.  could be wrong though so...

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TMM = True Metallic Metallics, as BoH said above.


Basically, the idea is that we can do metallics in a way that takes advantage not only of the color shift (from light to dark, like in NMM) but also the shine. The method is to check for shadows like for NMM, and use metallic paint in places where the shine helps empathise the metallic part of the piece.


For example, if you "just" paint a sword in metallic paint, then for example you will get shiny parts where light would not really hit (like, in all down-facing faces). In NMM you would paint those parts black, or very very dark. In TMM, you also need to wash over the metallic with a very dark color to dull to zero, or close to zero, the shine of the metallic paint.


You also typically glaze the metallic color with nuances of color, to bring up reflections, and use different "shades" of metallics to simulate more light/less light, like using a dark metallic for faces pointing to the side, and a bright silver met for faces upwards. 


I just like the effect very much, the result is more friendly to different angles than NMM since the actual metallic paint helps with the shine, and it looks less "flat" to me than NMM. But of course, it is a matter of taste.

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Here's the day's progress. I basically just roughed in most of the base coat. This has been my approach recently: dark underpaint in recess and areas where I may want lining (I did the whole model in this case, because I wasn't sure how the metallic paints would take to bones). Then block in areas of color letting the underpainting show through as lining. Then evaluate the mini to make sure I'm happy with the colors, etc. (this is where I am now). Next I'll go over the whole model and tidy everything up. 


I painted some things as metal, that I'm pretty sure the sculptor didn't intend to be metal in the interest of the exercise.




Photography is going to be tricky on these guys...


I've never tried NMM. I just bought some metallic paints when I first started because I didn't know what NMM was. Since then I've always just used metallic paints because I had them. 



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Not much to show in this update - and my lighting wasn't great again. I guess I need to spend some time in the Shutterbug forum  :wacko: .


Anyway, this is mostly just showing some touch ups I did on the base coat. I also applied a wash to the leather and some highlights to the red. Paints used so far are:

Golden Shadow (for his hands)

Oiled Leather (for scabbard, belt, pouches, etc)

Carnage Red (for non-metal garments)

Grey Liner (undercoat and lining)

Vallejo Model Air Steel & Vallejo Model Air Gold for the metallics

Secret Weapon Ruby Wash on leather.


I'll try to get some better pictures tomorrow. I've also started shading the steel, and I'll get some pics of that.



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I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this project. I began by applying a very thin green-blue wash to the steel, followed by a darker blue wash, and finally a wash made with blue liner. The first two washes didn't seem to do much at all (which I think was the goal) but the last one turned everything blue (the sword in particular is in bad shape).




At this point I got really frustrated and I start building this (unfinished) for a game I've got coming up:




I'm not sure what my next step is the thought of starting from scratch is a little unpleasant, but I'm not sure how to "fix" him otherwise. And I think I I just continue I'll never be happy with the result. Another part of me thinks I should set him aside and pick up the golem, as the golem seems to have a fewer fiddly bits, and it may be a little easier to get a good result.

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Liking the town square you've got going there. 


Regarding the swordsman:  Reclaim some of the blue areas with your mid-high tone for the metals.  I do shaded metallics, and that's what I do.  I shade down (usually messing something up along the way) and then bring it back up with my mid-tone, eliminating where I don't want my shade tone to be.


Hope that helps.

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    • By rubegon
      I haven’t been on the forum much this year.  Since joining Anne Foerster’s Patreon I’ve been spending more time on Discord.
      I’ve been painting this guy following the paintalong she’s done for one of the tiers.  It’s the first time I’ve tried to do a “display quality” paint job.  Other firsts are NMM, freehand, leather texture, cloth texture, and sculpted base elements.
      I actually started this guy early this year, but then stopped painting altogether for about 4 months after the pandemic started.  I picked him back up in July and am getting close to finishing.  I’m posting a series of pics I’ve taken as I went, and will continue to post as I finish him up soon.

      Feb 29: prepped and primed, with some minor GS work

      Mar 1:  base GS sculpting

      — LONG BREAK —
      Aug 2:  skin lined, basecoated, and shaded

      Aug 6:  skin initial highlights

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      In keeping with my clear resin tricks, I whipped up the base really quickly and then stalled on how I was going to paint the actual dragon...  oops!  

      I masked off the crystals and plugged the holes for the feet and primed it with a mix of brown and grey Vallejo primers, drybrushed it with a tan followed by a tan mixed with white and then it got a series of Vallejo model washes (green, grey and dark brown).  I then peeled off the mask and gave the crystals a quick coat with Tamiya Clear Green.  
      For the actual dragon, the plan now is to paint the heavier scales like the base with the softer belly and flesh being brown.  




      Like my recent plague doctor bust, I masked his eyes so they will be the same green as the crystals on his base.  I toyed with putting a light in his head as well, but seems to be doing that to everything all of a sudden, and skipped it.  
      in case you’re wondering about the pink, that’s what mixing the Vallejo red and grey primers did. The base was that colour before the drybrush and washes. 
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      Thanks for looking.  
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      So for awhile now I've had this goal, nay, this desire, nay, this primal compulsion to build a boat.  It is not enough to have hand drawn maps, or 2D terrain tiles.  I need a fully functioning 3D boat!  Well, maybe not fully functioning.  But I want to build a cool boat!
      I've been working on a nautical campaign full of swashbuckling, sailing, and sea monsters for a few years now.  It's my White Whale project.  Always just on the horizon.  It'll happen some day, but in the meantime, I have a million small projects to complete and extend the chase.  One of which is my desire to build a few different sized ships to enliven any possible naval combat.
      I actually attempted this about two years ago, just winging it and making some measurements and throwing them at some craft supplies.  I wanted a cheap option that wasn't too difficult to repeat that way I wouldn't be discouraged from making multiple ships.  So I limited it to cheap crafting materials like foamcore, wooden dials, popsicle sticks, and thumbtacks.  And the result wasn't  bad.  Especially for my first attempt at any kind of terrain building.

      It actually turned out rather nice!  To my surprise.  But I got hung up on mast and sail designs and never finished.

      The wood on the deck had 2x1in grid carved into it for easier D&D use.

      and the figurehead was designed to be modular.

      However, overtime the boat collected dust and little scratches.  I should have given it a coat of mod podge or sealant of some kind, but never did.  And eventually it had an unfortunate run in with an injured owl that we took in for a night.

      Here's the little devil himself.
      Anyways, I put this project on the back burner for long enough and feel inspired to dive back in.  Especially with a certain Bones ship on the Horizon that I'm still on the fence about getting.  I was doing some browsing on the web and recently found this wonderful little blog complete with loose instructions and a plan from a now defunct wargamming site.  The blog creator had found the old plan and adapted it to build something using most of the same materials I have already stockpiled. 

      There's a few choices that I like better than my first attempt so I think I'm going to use this as some inspiration as I give this boat thing another go.

      My hold up now is still those darn masts.  The original plan above used wood and required drilling out holes for the masts.  The blogger use foam for his ship and found random bits of tubing to house his masts.  I could try to find something random like that, but I was hoping to find something simpler for easy repetition.  And I would also like to keep the masts loose so they can be removed for easy storage, or to swap out the sails.  Any thoughts?

      Any resources, tips, recommendations are very welcome!  I'll post back here with any updates.

    • By Wroberts316
      my second miniature! I finished this about a month ago, but my matte finish finally came in so it is truly complete on the painting front. I'll be making a base once I get into my new house, so once I get started on that I'll add more pictures. 

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