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DanMayhem's TMM Studies

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Liking the town square you've got going there. 


Regarding the swordsman:  Reclaim some of the blue areas with your mid-high tone for the metals.  I do shaded metallics, and that's what I do.  I shade down (usually messing something up along the way) and then bring it back up with my mid-tone, eliminating where I don't want my shade tone to be.


Hope that helps.

Thanks for the tip. I will give that a shot. I started this thread to try to learn some stuff. 

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Buoyed by Darkmeer's and Willen's advice, I added a balck wash to the deepest shadows.


I also let iPhoto "enhance" these pictures, but I'm not sure if it really made them any better.




Since these were taken, I've started bringing back the midtone and highlighting up, I should have another set of photos this weekend.



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The trick for metallics is to start at your brightest metal and shade down, don't try to start with a midtone as they're just to hard to blend. You also shouldn't "wash" in the sense you've probably been taught as you want it very controlled so instead glaze. Often the only real difference between the two is how much fluid is on your brush. With a wash it pooled in there and goes everywhere when you try and paint (you can learn to control this) with a glaze there's only enough fluid that it only goes where you place the brush. The paint consistency between the two is the same and you still always brush in the direction you want the color to be strongest.

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Ok, I've been working, just not posting over the last couple weeks. So here's the update. Since the last update I highlighted up the steel, and also shadowed and highlighted the gold. The highlights were blowing out so the last picture I took was pretty dark to try to show them better.




Lessons learned - thanks for all the advice:

- Find reference work - lexomatic

- Shade down (and reclaim areas if needed) - Darkmeer & Willen

- Blue liner is too strong - Willen

- Glaze don't wash - MonkeySloth


Additionally I think I need to be more patient and that will help my transitions be smoother. I'm ready to call Barnabas done so I can start fresh using what I've learned. Please welcome the Battleguard Golem.




While this guys is, ostensibly, composed entirely of metal, I'm not going to use metallic paints everywhere. I think I will quickly become overwhelmed that way. Instead I'm going to focus the metallics on some of the larger plates, and do the other areas in non-metallic colors (painted metal?). Once again my focus is to improve my technique not to paint the best ever minis. So here's the golem covered with brown liner:




I've also updated the first post with some links to tutorials I've used. There are others, but I didn't have the links handy.

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