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Em4 Dwarves.


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I got some plastic bases from em4, for my Happy Seppuku bases. They had some sirt cheap dwarves, so I threw in a bunch. Turned out to be great fun to paint! Detail is sort of soft, but that just makes speed-painting feel better. The dwarfs are not really dynamically posed, but that feels right for me. They are dwarfs, right?



Fighting a dragon, with their cousing Mad Angus.




I should have gotten more shots of the crossbowers. Oh well.  :upside:


What do you think?  :upside:

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The Old Plastic Dwarfs painted up BEAUTIFULLY...much better than my memory would have them appear. Your brushwork, bases, & palette are TERRIFIC. VERY WELL DONE!

When you get around to the shields, a bit of variation will give the Vertically Challenged Ones a touch of individuality.

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I may have to pick up a battalion of these guys...they make really nice men-at-arms for a dwarven city. How was shipping from EM4?


These are solid paint jobs, too. A good group for some PCs to interact with!

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Thanks for all the kind words  :blush: 


I may have to pick up a battalion of these guys...they make really nice men-at-arms for a dwarven city. How was shipping from EM4?

These are solid paint jobs, too. A good group for some PCs to interact with!


I can't remember the shipping, so I guess good? ;) 




I like those dwarfs.  Might look at getting some myself.  Got a big campaign going right now with lots and lots of dwarfs.

For people getting them:


They are dirt cheap, have a blemish on the back that needs some GS work. Get their pack of shields (I should have!). Bases need some work (I have pics in my WIP). 

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They are not bad shields, just that most the detail is on the back and on the dwarves, little of that detail will even show. But 50 for 

£ 1.02 isn't bad, even if 1/3 LOOK like they were cast from flat tacks




Plus EM4 has some other really cool figs and stuff. Because I'm still looking for anywhere else to get these round edge cavalry bases other than custom cut MDF (I know litko does plastic, but they want WAAAY too much for 'pill' bases). 


Counters, 50mm x 25mm x 3mm - bag of 10

Price (incl VAT): £1.02

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Very nice! I have a few of these plus a bunch of their orcs. They are a great deal for the $.



I may have to get some more of these for a Middle Earth dwarven army.


PS- Here is a great article online about modding the EM4 orcs: http://www.combatzonechronicles.net/em4/orcsy.htm

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