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RAFM RAF03936 Evil Female Fighter

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Is that any way to hold a shield? She is so not combat ready.


Also, doesn't everyone put their leg armor on first and take it off last?


I suspect she is a Ziegfield Girl wearing papier-maché, which would explain the helmet with the "ta-daah!" gesture.


EDIT: Also also, regarding that elbow armor: Ouch.

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Maybe her upper half is actually cybernetics?  Or maybe this is what happens when your character has a really low strength and you're edging the encumbrance value...   :lol:


Really nice paint job on a... um, "odd" figure.


The whole half plate and undies thing is really weird, but I've got a whole batch of "women of the ninth meridian" who are, imo, the weirdest set of miniatures ever made.  Poses, proportions.  Some look like the sculptor believed women are theoretical.  You'll see, is all I got to say.  I like them, in an odd and primitive sort of way, and a few are actually surprisingly half decent.  But others are very much phoned in. 


Lots more RAFMs soon, I only have 30 something of them so I'm trying to check them all off my to-do list. 

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Nice paint job!


Not only is her head too big for her stick-like body, those fin-like protuberances on her huge helmet are just waiting for an awkward situation where she can't turn around in an enclosed space.


Wait -- it all adds up: she's psionically enhanced, thus the swollen head, and the helmet amplifies her powers.

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While painting her, I pictured this scenario:





Fighter Lady:  "Hi, I'm here to audition for the part of Lycrish, Queen of Evil."


DM's Assistant:  "Okay, give us what you got."


Fighter Lady:  "Okay.  'I am Lycrish, Queen of the Evil Pits!  Your adventure as it an end, for now you face my wrath!  Prepare yourself, heroes!'  How's that?"


DM's Assistant:  "Not bad.  But there is one other thing.  Just a small thing."


Fighter Lady:  "Oh no!  I didn't screw it up, did I?"


DM's Assistant:  "No, no, no.  It's just that... could you read those lines again, only this time in your underwear?"


Fighter Lady:  "You want me to do what now?"


DM's Assistant:  "Lycrish fights people in her underwear.  You can keep the top part of the armor on, but she's pretty much a bikini fighter chick.  It's her thing."


Fighter Lady:  "That... that doesn't seem very practical.  Or logical."


DM's Assistant:  "Look, lady, I got a lot of villains to interview today.  Do you want to be an NPC or not?"


Fighter Lady (thinks about bills to pay, cat might starve):  "Okay.  Fine.  Whatever."  (slips out of lower armor)  "Better?"


DM's Assistant:  "Perfect.  That's exactly what we're looking for."


Fighter Lady (angry look):  "This looks stupid.  Look how stupid this looks!  This demeans us both." 

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