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RAFM RAF03936 Evil Female Fighter

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Love the piece buglips, glad to see you are painting so much more nowadays.


Hopefully rate of production will increase a bit more as the rust comes off.  I think when I hit the goblins/kobolds mass horde I'll knock some big numbers down in short order.  There's about 60 minis between the two. 


I've decided to make all the goblins tangerine rather than 3 separate colours.  3 colours would look neater, but all one colour is a lot faster. 

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Kit-- "What do wizards wear under their robes?"


Dalamar--  "Very little, and what do warrior women wear beneath their armor?"


Kitiara-- "Nothing!" 


The mini lies!


Seriously, though Buglips, I think this is a fun mini, despite its absurdity.

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