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Reapercon Mini Exchange!


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Yes, it's that time again!


People were so stoked over the original Sophie mini swap, I thought to do it once again!


However: There are some changes to this one, so listen carefully:


The first one is that this will be open to people who know for a fact they will be at ReaperCon.


The second is that you're going to PM me your RL name, as well as your handle here (pretty simple, that. All my PMs are listed by your handle...)


Let's try to keep these minis to Reaper-oriented. Something wierd about giving a GW mini (even a well painted one) to someone while attending the Reaper HQ. You understand.


Now: Once again the categories are:


Fantasy (suitable for RPGs)

Fantasy (suitable for Warlord Play)



When I say 'suitable for Warlord Play' that means on the square bases, and those pesky BL people won't have a cow.


When I say 'Suitable for RPGs' I mean having a mini to represent your character. The base is more for looks than anything else.


When I say 'CAV' I mean those little robot miniatures Reaper makes, not a 50' tall hulking death platform of Ultimate Destruction. For one thing, shipping fees for something that big would be a monster...


The deadline to enter this will be Saturday, January 31st. If there is enough response after that date I will do another wave of missives, as I did with the Secret Sophie for Generic Winter Holiday.


We'll do the actual mini-exchanging sometime on Saturday, whenever it's convient for people. Remember that it's informal, and just something fun to do.


Alright, now the boring part:


Reaper Miniatures, Inc did not put me up to this. No bananas were held to my head by irate dividian sects of the Chimpanzee Church or anything like that. Reaper will have nothing to do with this thing, I assure you. If you want in, you have to personally buy the mini yourself. (or pick it up from the Reaper Online Store). Reaper Miniatures, Inc won't be held responcible for jerks who join in on this thing, then bail the convention, causing someone to cry.


I am simply a very organized person who has a great way for people to meet and have something to talk about when they go to this convention. I am not trying to steal anything from anyone (except some time from their lives) and such. I will not be participating in this, as I will be too busy orgaizing it. I'm sure you understand.


Otherwise, I think I have a better system than I did last time, and since we're planning on this one being done AT reaper HQ, I won't need to send addresses to anyone, or other such malarky.





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Top Posters In This Topic

Remember that it's informal, and just something fun to do.

Oh, it's far, far, far more than that. It's a wonderful idea -- a chance for us to share a little bit of ourselves, give and receive a gift, and make new friends in the flesh. I honestly hope everyone attending ReaperCon chooses to participate. The Winter Exchange was a blast.

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